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  1. California SOLD Vision Manx 398-wheels

    Where are you in CA? I'm in Oakland
  2. California Nitro trail grappler 37’s with pro Comp rims for Jeep Wrangler - $1500

    Hi there, would you sell just the rims? Can't tell if they're all mounted or all separate.
  3. California BF Goody 33" K02 Wheels for sale

    Still available? If so DM me, I'm down in Oakland. Thanks! Matt
  4. California San Jose Like New BFG KO2 285/70R17 5ea

    Hey there, they still available? I'm in Oakland
  5. Minimum Wheel Size on JLU?

    Update: This past weekend I installed the wheels to see how it fit. Counter intuitively, the rear calipers had less spacing of about 1/8" at the tips of the calipers vs 1/4" from the tips of the front. Basically, I can only have balancing weights on the outboard side of the rear wheels, inboard...
  6. 2018 JLUS

  7. SUP/Surfboard roof rack options???

    Omg we stayed for a weekend in a cabin less than a mile away from there this past winter. Wanted to go see the reservoir but the road was full of snow and I don't have a winch yet so we didn't try. Looks like I need a summer time redemption tour.
  8. SUP/Surfboard roof rack options???

    What lake is this? I need to go there
  9. Dog owners - Cargo Liner for Jeep?

    Wow that's pretty cushy, ever seen one in person?
  10. How well do stock Rubi rock rails perform

    Agreed, I sold my running boards off my JLUS yesterday and it's already a visual improvement. Next step is getting some Rubicon rail takeoffs.
  11. Dog owners - Cargo Liner for Jeep?

    +1 for weather tech rubber mat, have it in my JLUS. My dogs are muppets that don't shed, so I don't need protection on seat backs. When I do fold down the seats for something messy like dirt or plants, I throw down a moving blanket that I keep under the back seats. Since that space disappears...
  12. Minimum Wheel Size on JLU?

    Hey everybody, I sold my 2016 JK Sport S recently, and put it back to stock before handing it over. My wheels and tires sat in a pile in my backyard, they are ProComp 16" 7069s with 33" K02. I then got a 2018 JLUS, and was hoping to re-use my old wheels. The Sahara has much bigger brakes, when...
  13. Granite Crystal Rubi Build - Slow and Steady

    Those are good covers, I had them on my JK. And I like the towel cover on the seat cover! We have dogs too, love them but they destroy all.
  14. New 4Runner TRD Pro vs JL Rubicon Face Off Comparison Review

    I hear that, I had four recalls on my JK in three years
  15. Pro Comp 7069 wheels on 37's

    Did you get the 7069s? I'm about to get a JL and want to re-use the 7069/KO2 ok my current JK. Thanks!