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  1. JL hood risers

    Rival4x4 makes them also
  2. Oregon Rock Krawler JL/JT Gen 2 Front Quick Disconnects - $150

    I have a set Rock Krawler Gen 2 Front Quick disconnects, they are used and a few scratches but nothing that would affect performance, I ended up swapping for the non-disconnect version since I have a Rubicon. They function for a range of 2.5-5.0" of lift and have a great amount of flex, I can...
  3. Justification for an AEV JLUR

    Way less to do it yourself. AEV are nice but way overpriced.... their bumpers are $2k. Suspension $2k for comparable kit installed 4.56 gears $2k Skid plate included in gear swap Front and rear bumper $1500 for a nice set installed yourself Winch $600, install it yourself Tire carrier $700...
  4. 37” Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A\T review

    2.5” Rock Krawler lift with terraflex nomad wheels 17x8.5 0 offset 4.75 backspace
  5. 37” Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A\T review

    Road performance has been great so far, very little to no noise difference compared to ko2s (very quiet) rain has been good but it’s very subjective considering I’m on 37s and air down to 24psi. Off-road I like them better than ko2s and ridge grapplers the side biter lugs are more pronounced and...
  6. rock rail suggestion for JL

    It honestly really depends on what you want, do you want a real slider to protect the body like rock hard4x4 that are 45angled or do you need a step also for climbing in like the LOD destroyers? do you want to be able to pivot of a tree/rock and not damage them? think about what you want out of...
  7. 37” Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A\T review

    Both are good, ive owned ridge grapplers before but i didnt like the price compared to the Baja Boss ATs and the fact that they arent 3 peak rated which is a requirement for me (some mountain roads wont let me pass unless i have 3peak, studded or chains on) I've had them for 6 months now and im...
  8. Rusty’s Off-Road Side Step Rocker Armor (rock sliders)

    Hey man great video, I noticed all the rub marks on your lower control arms, I have those same arms and there's a simple fix by adding a few washers you wont have the problem anymore, 3 washers was all i needed, toss on some paint on the arms so they don't rust and your are good to go. Here is...
  9. Black Friday Deals

    not a lot announced yet, thanks for the topic i was wondering if anyone had started it. Not a sale but a few sites have price protection plans in effect. Price Protection (
  10. Tire Shop says that a stock Rubicon can't fit 35s

    35s on stock wheels for the JL is fine, you will have slight rubbing in inner fenders on anything other than Rubicon but if you are considering 37s you cando the stock wheels (too narrow for 12.5” tires) also if you go 37s you will want to regear to 4.88/5.13 or you will miss the power. I have...
  11. Oregon Bestop Slantback Softtop 4dr

    still for sale?
  12. What did you screw up or tear up on your Jeep today?

    this thread brings me joy, i feel alone sometimes when people don't want to "scratch up" their jeep on the trails.
  13. Woops. Scratched my rim

    trail rash > curb rash ;)
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed the Dynomax muffler delete, here is the video of the before and after.
  15. Backs1de’s 2020 Stingrey JLUR (custom rear drawer system)

    Installed Dynomax Muffler delete, here is a video of the before and after.
  16. California WTB quick disconnects

    I have some Rock Krawler quick disconnects for sale. send me a PM
  17. Washington 2018 JLUR V6 Loaded Many Upgrades 7K Miles White/Blk Hard Top

    if you consider parting out the aftermarket parts please let me know.
  18. Aluminum front bumper options

    I really love this bumper and is my top choice at the moment, is there anything you don’t like?
  19. 37s w/o lift on a Rubi?

    Had 37s no lift for two weeks before I installed my lift and had very little rubbing (most rubbing on rear inner fender during speed bumps, nothing major)