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  1. Nittos and Coopers

    I tested various air pressures from 34 to 27. It seemed best at 31 pounds. I don't recall doing an 1/8 inch tow out.
  2. Nittos and Coopers

    Thanks! I ended up upgrading to the Fusion axles. 60 in the front and 14 bolt full float on the rear. I also regeared to 5:13 and added a 3.5" lift. I don't see myself going any bigger because it gets in the way of my trail riding. Overall I'm more that happy now.. I'll keep you updated on the...
  3. Nittos and Coopers

    It's a roll of the dice with MTs. I hope I get 60k out of these Nittos because it seems like a good set.
  4. Nittos and Coopers

    I fortunately had to upgrade my axles. This also meant I needed a new lift, steering, and of course tires. Originally I selected some 37x13.5x17 Cooper STT pros. I was really excited after not having my Jeep since May. When I drove from the shop I thought well this is different. Hard pull to...
  5. Texas Jeep Clubs

    The Lone Star Jeep Club in Dallas is a great club. I'm a member and there are runs you can choose from at least a couple times a month. Great, experienced Jeepers too and we do things in the community like our toys for tots drive.
  6. I broke my

    A little over a month ago I got my Jeep back. My wife suggested we just do upgrades now which we planned for next year. So we upgraded to Fusion 1 tons, 3.5" MC GC lift, 37s, new wheels and PSC steering. After putting 1500 miles on it including 2 off road trips I could not be happier with the...
  7. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    You know as soon as you put on the 37s on you're going to be thinking of 39s. LOL
  8. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    That's very helpful. I'm running Cooper SSTs 37s now and like them on road, but they didn't grip as well as my BFGs did. I also considered the same running small fact you called out and thought they would fit nicely.
  9. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    I'm about ready to do the same, but now looking at the Nitto Trail Grappler MT. I loved my 35" BFGs. I just upgraded 1 tons and MC 3.5" lift.
  10. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    This info has been very helpful. I'm trying to decide on 39x13.5x17 BFG KM3s and Toyo Open Coutry MTs I not happy with the 37" Cooper SSTs offroad (on road they're fine) I have on now. I ran 35 KM3s before I upgraded to one tons and MC 3.5" lift.
  11. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    I've never even noticed that! Thanks
  12. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    My half doors on my YJ were lighter HAHA
  13. What is one of the most overlooked features of your Jeep?

    If you have an automatic, moving your shifter to to manual mode disables ESS and you don't have to press the button. Comes in very handy when you're offroading!
  14. 2.5” or 3.5” lift for 37s?

    That helps thanks! Cheers! It's Saturday whiskey night here.
  15. 2.5” or 3.5” lift for 37s?

    What changes did you have to do with the coils? I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I think I would need at least new driveshafts. I sheared my rear passenger axle and getting 1 tons put on and upgrading to 37s. I have a 2.5" lift and since she is "under the knife" right now thought about...
  16. I broke my

    I know you won't believe me, but I'm a conservative driver. Mostly because I have a Sport and didn't want to break something. It'll turn out ok and I hope nothing else is broke either!
  17. I broke my

    For those interested the front carrier came apart, the ring is missing some teeth, and the rear passenger side axle was sheared. I don't think that obstacle broke it, but it weakened over time and the stress on that hill was too much. It a combination of bad advice with my rear lockers on...
  18. I broke my

    Great info, thanks. It helps me ask better questions and learning a ton.