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  1. Aux lighting for flat tow

    Build these before Hopkins came out with their plug and play. Bike rack with square tubing from Home depot on top with a set of trailer lights. All depends on your bike rake and fab ability.
  2. How does this front hub 4x4 thing work?

    The part time system uses an electronic coupler on the long axle along with the transfer case. As such on one side the axle and spiders are always spinning and on the other side the axle outside the coupler is turning when not engaged. When the transfer case is engaged the axle coupler locks the...
  3. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Just picked up my 19 sport, 2 door, no suspension mods, limited slip so fac all terrain tires, after the dealer did the TSB. First impressions are dramatically less wander, and it has a stiffer feel. Would say this is well worth doing at this point. Took three weeks for parts to come in...
  4. Towing baseplate for flat towing JL behind motorhome?

    There are several threads under the towing section.
  5. Jeep Won’t Start After Flat Tow

    In regards to shifting the transfer case in and out of neutral, in does seem to get easier over time. Coming out of neutral is more of a challenge on mine than going in. On mine if it does not go right in, I will start the engine. place trans in reverse for a second then shut down and try again...
  6. Jeep Won’t Start After Flat Tow

    If your using an axillary braking system that bleeds the vacuum can down, I have found you have to press extra hard on the brake for the first start up after towing.
  7. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow
  8. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    Have one and so far have not had any issues with the system. In addition to the frame horns it is sandwiched by the four towhook/bumper attachment bolts on each side. That plate it very ridged. If you feel the need to reinforce those flanges, lod does make a reinforcement plate...
  9. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    Like the idea, interested to see the final product. As an FYI this has worked for me. My JL has the auxiliary switches / towing package. When I wired my current auxiliary backup light I used a roadmaster diode...
  10. Rockjock Tow Bar Mounting Kit

    Mine is a Sport S with a plastic bumper since that was my only choice. RJ makes a model for both. I am using a older Brake Buddy since that is what I had from my previous toad and it has worked for me. Installed a outlet under the seat for it. Mount is a piece of aluminum angle using the seat...
  11. Rockjock Tow Bar Mounting Kit

    I cut and welded the plate in for the umbilical. Have had no issues with it.
  12. Flat Towing a JL 2 Dr JL. Need "Real World" Curb Weights

    Welcome, also was 3.6 with auto trans
  13. Flat Towing a JL 2 Dr JL. Need "Real World" Curb Weights

    I weighed a 2019 2 door sport s hardtop with 1/4 tank of fuel and it was 3940.
  14. Hopkins 56210 Feedback

    At the time they had no replacement units and no time line so they gave me a refund.
  15. Hopkins 56210 Feedback

    Hopkins had a run of bad units. (plug pinned out wrong) Probably waiting for a new batch to arrive.
  16. Another FTM-400 Ham Radio Install - Pic heavy

    Thanks for the update. How is the clearance on the aerial with the rear window?
  17. Another FTM-400 Ham Radio Install - Pic heavy

    Bilymac, Thanks, I sent an email to Teraflex asking if the hole can to opened up to 3/4 for a NMO mount awaiting reply. Cooltec making a Stainless NMO mount is a plus to weigh against the aluminum mount, I just thought the taper bolts on the Teraflex was a superior design. I had asked on the...
  18. Another FTM-400 Ham Radio Install - Pic heavy

    In the process of getting my Amateur License and as such planning on my first radio and how to install it in the JL. Of course, this leads to a lot of questions that I am hoping the forum members can help me with them. The FTM400 has caught my eye. It looks easy to program on the go, straight...