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  1. Hydro Blue 392 Spotted in Vail CO

    Just passed my doppelgänger twin blue 392 near the Safeway in West Vail. Even had the sky one touch top. Looking good on the hood.
  2. Factory steel bumper + JCR winch plate tow bar options

    The loops will work. Just be prepared to convert metric to standard, a royal PITA for those that only have SAE measuring tapes with metric too small to read for old eyes.
  3. Alignment Way Off - Best Place to Take my 392?

    OP: If you have the tazer mini installed, have you tried forcing 2WD and if so, do you experience the same pull? Just a thought based on my experience post MetalCloak lift. Since I installed my lift, I experience torque steer to driver side when in 4 auto under full throttle, not noticeable...
  4. Gearing for 40's on UD60's........ 4.88 or 5.38?

    Jon, What if you want to go to 42s? If you go 5.38s, you will be ready once you tire (PUN INTENDED) of the 40 shoes. And at the rate you re-shoe your 392, I bet you will be lusting after something bigger than 40s real quick. And tons will be beggin you to go bigger, LOL.
  5. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    Just weighed the Jeep at a truck stop with a Cat Scale; 6,180 lbs total, 3,200 lbs steer axle (front) and 2,980 lbs rear axle including 200 lbs dead weight (me). Conditions include a full tank, trail tools/recovery gear, and stuff listed below in the signature.

    Adding photos with the MetalCloak Game Changer lift and Fox 2.5 Elite Performance series adjustable shocks.
  7. CV Flat Zerk Access

    Damn good idea and didn't think about doing that before I installed mine. Looking forward to your pictures as I might need to use for reference when I painfully attempt to service my CV. Btw, headed to the cat scale tomorrow to see how much this beast weighs with all the crap I've dumped...
  8. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    BUT OH, THAT EXTRA INCH YOU LOOSE IN THE REAR OF EXTENSION, LOL! Great choice and I hope this info will help the next person better choose. Much thanks to everyone that came before us and graciously shared their experience and those that will follow in our wake.
  9. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    I am running the front relo bracket for the shocks. Also using the coil pads on the front per instructions from MC and no bowing of the springs. Looking forward to seeing your build. I think you will really like the MC GC lift. Quality stuff.
  10. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    Heads up to those putting on the MetalCloak Game Changer 3.5” lift. 1) The instructions do not clearly explain the correct orientation of the rear track bar other than saying the jam nut and adjustable end attach to frame side. The rear track bar should angle down from the axle side to clear...
  11. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    If you are a vet, they will give you a discount 👍 anytime. Look at Jon Mock’s MC build and flex on FB where he installed the six pack shocks.
  12. Best Tire Carriers regardless of price?

    Nothing stated in the instructions regarding periodic hinge maintenance. I imagine a little lube on occasion doesn't hurt though.
  13. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    Did you see what TeraFlex posted on YT and their 392 lift kit? Looks damn nice and they tucked 1 tons under it as well. Only issue I see is what skids are compatible to protect the oil drain plug.
  14. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    Don, PM me when you are headed out to Moab. I am about 5 hours away and will use any excuse to travel out there. I need to test Sulley now that she has her lift mostly complete.
  15. Front Driveshaft on Metal Cloak 3.5" Lift

    To share with those following this thread, my OEM front drive shaft measurement as specified by Adams and post lift install remained the same. Both measured at 37.5" pre and post lift from tranny lip to front axle flange.
  16. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    Great idea. Also look at what TeraFlex just announced at SEMA and installed on their 392. Also looks like EVO has developed a 392 solution that Dixie 4x4 in Utah installed. Both of these look very compelling.
  17. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    I don’t know the answer but if allowed to speculate would say the kits for the 392 have spring rates adjusted for the added weight. The ride quality is much better than the OEM ride IMO and the ride height on all corners is consistent or even more balanced than the OEM suspension based on my pre...
  18. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    37" KO2s sitting above a MetalCloak Game Changer 3.5" lift which added about 2.5" lift above OEM 392 suspension.
  19. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    Someone commented on FB about it. Then I called someone I know with same lift installed at MC and asked for a pic. His was opposite of mine in the pic.
  20. 392 Specific Lift Kits

    No. There are a number of areas where the instructions could provide more specific info to alleviate risk of errors like how mine was installed upside down. The rear upper control arms were also installed in the wrong orientation (jam nut near wheel rather than frame side) but it is stated in...