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  1. Service axle locker system

    My lockers actually work though...and the light just goes on for like 10 seconds. Only happens maybe like once or twice a week.
  2. Service axle locker system

    Lately occasionally I will be breaking for a stop and a light/warning will pop up saying "service axle locker system". Then it goes away as soon as I start moving...or just go away eveb before I start moving. Has anyone had this happen?
  3. Worry about pins breaking when removing doors?'s easy...nothing will break
  4. Bronco features you would like Jeep to incorporate into Wrangler during JL's mid-cycle redesign

    And there is only one on the wrangler. There isn't one at all by the rear seats.
  5. ESS question

    Oh maybe becasue the doors and top are off...
  6. ESS question

    Oh yeah, thank! I forgot about that
  7. ESS question

    I noticed that I haven't had my ESS turn off the engine at stops for awhile. I kind of hate it anyway, so I think I didn't really notice for awhile. No errors come up or anything. I'll have the dealer look at it, but anyone know what would cause that?
  8. Received Uconnect update message. Anyone know details?

    I updated today... I'm not sure what changed. It deleted my radio presets. Off Road Pages was initially missing but appeared back while driving the next time
  9. JLUR Frame Damage

    I just spray any frame paint issues with Rustoleum Rust flatte black and matches good. Well I brush any surface rust off first.
  10. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    Its okay, but not with body colored top and fenders. You need black top and fenders.
  11. Rattle in the back?

    it seems pointless. Unless you can store the roof
  12. Rust on welds

    Do they do anything if you bring it up at the dealer?
  13. Rust on welds

    should there be rust on my frame welds already...maybe 2 years old...salty roads in winter.
  14. TPMS Relearn after tire rotation?

    I do this one too.
  15. TPMS Relearn after tire rotation?

    It does it automatically...I noticed when the dealership pressured my tires up to 52 psi! When I first drove the drivers front tired was still at 37...then after driving a bit it jumped to 52. So they obviously inflated them after the rotation, but not the spare. I immediately went to deflate...