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  1. Connecticut 4XE Rubicon Wheels/Tires/Sensors

    Rubicon 4XE wheels / tires / sensors / lugs. 8k miles on 4, spare has 0. No patches. Rims look like new, no scratches/chips/nicks. $1600 picked up in Tolland, CT 06084 5
  2. Buying a 2022 JLUR

    Proximity is worth the's beyond convenient with kids / bags / dogs along with just normal every day getting in and locking on the way out. Advanced safety - save your money. We have it on my '19 but opted not to get it on my wife's '21. Mine would randomly go off and dead stop the...
  3. Connecticut WTB Fender Vents

    Looking for a pair of the black fender vents...just the vents
  4. 4xE class action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of Georgia

    Just wanted to share our 4xe shutoff on the highway over the summer. 10 hour drive to the outer banks. It died within a mile of where my brother in laws hybrid sonata died the prior year. His said the battery was too hot and needed to cool down. Ours lost all power on the bridge, which meant...
  5. 4XE with Blue Side Steps

    They did a nice job on them. No plans for doing it on the Mojito. Wife is"they look great honey"
  6. 4XE with Blue Side Steps

    N-Fab RS Cab Length Nerf Steps (Black) - 518416612
  7. 4XE with Blue Side Steps's the metallic blue not the smurf blue of the hooks.
  8. 4XE with Blue Side Steps

    Just wanted to share my wife's 4XE with powder coated blue side steps.
  9. New York 416 Trailer Miltary Trailer

    Still available?
  10. 4xE Order Status??

    We have the advanced safety on my '19 mojito. Did not get it on our 4xe order. The adaptive cruise control is awesome, but the collision avoidance is horrible. We turned it off due to false alerts and auto braking with nothing in front of us. For us we were more likely to get re-ended due to...
  11. 4xE Order Status??

    It seems fitting your screen name looks like Karen.
  12. EPA website - watch these to know when deliveries might start

    I'm shocked 5 people answered the same thing in a 10 minute window and all were correct / researched responses. That's like winning the internet lottery!
  13. Electric Jeep Wrangler EV to be called "MAGNETO" Concept?

    You sure about that? I posted calling out your silliness for saying something is not debatable, then in the next thought say you're open to debating. You then assumed my position on every topic you felt like lecturing on. I've never publicly stated my position on any of the topics you raised...
  14. Neophyte here

    Welcome to the Wrangler world. I'm on my 5th, my wife has a 4XE on order which will be her 1st. I've always done sport or Sahara, she's getting the Rubicon. It's all about what package has the features you want for the price you're comfortable with paying. Most things can be added later, but can...
  15. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    Almost as good as JD Power...who paid the most to have the data skewed to their favor
  16. 4xE Order Status??

    We ordered on 11/12/20. My 2019 was ordered in Sept when the order banks opened and took until late Nov to arrive to the dealer. The 4xe timeline is actually faster than I expected.