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  1. MotorTrend: Bronco vs Wrangler - Which is Best?

    Bronco pickup dead. And in this one, Webasto gets tossed under the bus.
  2. Test drove the Gladiator today...disappointed.

    I didn't check at the time. Today... 74 Wranglers (60 ICE/14 4xe - 32 and 2 in transit respectively) 172 Gladiators (33 in transit) 46% vs 19% So sure, Gladiators are far more available, but for me, it's not that hard to find a Wrangler within 50 miles. But as I said, location matters. 50...
  3. Test drove the Gladiator today...disappointed.

    A big discrepancy is that the criteria for the tow test rating are significantly different than the conditions that people actually try to drive. The Davis Dam...
  4. Test drove the Gladiator today...disappointed.

    Location probably matters a lot. As of last Monday, Jeep's inventory search showed 85 Wranglers (65 ICE/20 4xe) and 180 Gladiators within 50 miles of me (2021 models).
  5. MotorTrend: Bronco vs Wrangler - Which is Best?

    That video, lol. Bronco doesn't manage any of his tests without lockers and/or sway bar disconnected. The 4R easily passes each, except the tow test. His conclusion? The Bronco is on par with the Wrangler, and he prefers the 4R because "highway" driving.
  6. All electric Wrangler in 2023?

    Electric vehicles were MORE popular than ICE until around the late 1910s and early 1920s. It's taken them another 100 or so years for batteries to start approaching viability. EVs, for much of the last century were like nuclear fusion...always 30 years away. But while the batteries are getting...
  7. Ever race anyone in your jeep? Whats the reaction you get when you win?

    I once had a 1990 Caravan with the turbo 2.5l and a 5 speed stick. So watch out if a late 1st gen model rolls up on you. There's a community that likes to increase the boost and they can be very quick.
  8. Local Dealer Lot equals 0 Wranglers but 24 Gladiators

    Per Jeep's inventory search: 2021 models within 50 miles... 85 Wranglers (65 ICE/20 4xe) 180 Gladiators 2020 models within 50 miles... 0 Wranglers 1 Gladiator
  9. Ouch. Bronco talk on Boston morning sports radio...

    This morning on Toucher & Rich, the morning show on the biggest sports radio station in the Boston market, they discussed one of the host's Bronco order. Wasn't good publicity for Ford, to say the least. Commentary starts at 40:45...
  10. A Jeep Clone?! Really?!

    It is, although they had to change the look to address Jeep's specific complaints. Mahindra initially altered the design preemptively, incorporating some FJ-ish styling. The 2021 hasn't been released yet, but renders of the rumored changes are out there...
  11. Why no 3.0 diesel for 2 door?

    If I had to guess, there are 3 main reasons. 1. They expect a small take rate. 2. Room for emissions equipment. 3. Weight and wheelbase to offset the heavier engine. There's about a 300# difference between a base JLR and JLRU, which obviously is going to be biased to the rear in the 4 door.
  12. Just got home from Bronco event...

    Ouch. Boston morning sports radio show discussing one of the host's Bronco order this morning. Commentary starts at 40:45.
  13. Bronco on 37’s on Rubicon Trail.
  14. TFL compares 4xe, Bronco, and Defender on serious off-road trail

    The follow up recovery video has more of Tommy going off on LR for the wheel/tire combo.
  15. Rate my line.... 😀

    It's the old "half your age + 7" rule. At least as a starting point; it may go up from there.