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  1. What is this called and how can I get accessories for it?

    :rock: Really, what I want is a replacement rubber piece that is about .5 - .75" deeper and a little bit grippier, so that my mobile phone will stay put in there more reliably. Now when I accelerate uphill or rapidly, it tends to slide out.
  2. Quick Poll II - Why Are You Not Taking Your Top Off? Hardtop/Soft Top/Freedom Tops??

    Haven't had the rear panels of my soft top in for a couple of weeks. Top went up Saturday because we'd been in the sun for too long - heat and exposure. But still safari mode.
  3. What is this called and how can I get accessories for it?

    I don’t really need to mount my phone when I have CarPlay :angel:
  4. What is this called and how can I get accessories for it?

    That slot below the window switches, 12v, and media ports? What is it called? I really want to keep my phone in there when driving, but it’s not quite deep enough and / or not quite tacky / grippy enough.
  5. Jeep Jl Soft-top - Quick Question...

    I've gone up to 75 in sunder. It's not my favorite thing to do and I can detect a modest dip in my fuel economy when I do it because it's a bit like riding around with an open parachute, but no damage or harm so far.
  6. Does the softop lock down?

    Here’s what I do. Seems to stay snug.
  7. Does the softop lock down?

    I don’t know if it’s what I’m supposed to do, but my soft top came with an elastic loop that fastens to the soft top from a “button” or snap, maybe? It also came with Velcro straps that don’t quite fit around the top on their own, but I can make a loop with the Velcro and have it looped through...
  8. Sahara vs. Rubicon?

    I think the conventional wisdom is that the Sahara has better road manners because of bigger wheels (18" vs. 17") and a gentler suspension.
  9. Buying my first wrangler soon - need some educated input

    Hey, I'm a Georgia jeep virgin getting ready to buy too!
  10. 3 forward facing child-seats in a JLU?

    For sure, and we love our big minivan for that reason. BUT there are some trips that are ~5 hours or fewer where having the Jeep would be awesome. Beach, camping, etc.
  11. 3 forward facing child-seats in a JLU?

    What's your roof rack?!? I love it.
  12. 3 forward facing child-seats in a JLU?

    Looks pretty tight - how miserable are the kids in this config? How long can you travel with them this way?
  13. Midwest Ohio Dealership (Dave Dennis Jeep) Offering 5% Under Invoice on JL

    They still doing this? I'm shopping now, and wouldn't mind a drive home from Dayton in the fall weather with the top off and heat blasting.
  14. Active Noise Control (Cancellation) feature comes to Jeep Wrangler JL

    One should think there’s an abort switch somewhere...
  15. Cold Weather Group Explained

    I see you’re quite right. Looks like it drops the package cost by $300. Oddly enough, apart from the cold weather package, remote start costs $495.
  16. Cold Weather Group Explained

    I really want the cold weather package and remote start but I also want a manual... Any chance I could get a manual with the cold weather package and it still includes the remote start mechanism that I can just... tweak? Seems silly to pay full price for the cold weather package that includes...
  17. has anyone here driven one?

    At least for us non-sasquatch height folks it'll be comfortable. I sat in (didn't drive) one. I'm a full 6'0" and sitting quite upright I didn't feel too close to the roof. I am also proportionally more torso than leg, so I probably sit a "tall" 6'.