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  1. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2022 JL & JLU

    That iOk, thanks. That was exactly what the issue was. I must have used the space bar to delete the X at 3% instead of backspacing. @Gazelle Is there no leather option on the Sport S for 2022?
  2. Interactive Pricing Spreadsheet for 2022 JL & JLU

    There is something going on with the 2 door spreadsheet. When I select go to change the discount option from 3% to anything else it nearly doubles the price. Each time I clear out the X and then select another it adds it on but never takes off the prior selected amount.
  3. Access Fund FCA Affiliate

    Agreed. The organization needs to call FCA affiliate and work it out.
  4. Access Fund FCA Affiliate

    Did you show them the FCA Website? It’s right there in black & white. “M65519 Access Fund (Employees & Members are Eligible)” Or call the affiliate number on the website - (888) 444-4321...
  5. 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL ORDER GUIDE (2-Door)

    So there are both the “Willys” & “Willys S” models, interesting. Mopar is the most confusing standard vs options packaging anywhere in the marketplace.
  6. Can’t help but pick on the “little guy”

    Actually I think it’s a Wrangler J6.
  7. Can’t help but pick on the “little guy”

    Whoa!! When are they bringing that out?
  8. I need a CARFAX report

    Ok well that was quick. I lodged my dispute and a day or so later I got an email noting that they researched it and corrected the CarFax report. Easy as that.... Of course it might have helped that I am able to put ,Esq. after my name. I'm just happy they were able to get it corrected.
  9. I need a CARFAX report

    Thanks! That links to the same site I filed the dispute on earlier today.
  10. I need a CARFAX report

    I submitted the dispute through the CarFax site. We’ll see what their response is to the dispute. I was nice but direct. If they don’t correct it I’ll let them know a law suit might be the next step. It’s not that hard to file a claim in small claims court but I’m hoping not to have to go...
  11. Thank You Vets!

    Yes, thank you all those who have served. It is greatly appreciated!
  12. I need a CARFAX report

    Definitely strange to have something show up showing an accident that never occurred while I owned the car in a state I’ve never been to with that car. You would think that CarFox could use data driven confirmation for make, model, owner vs. driver, color of vehicle & location of incident...
  13. 2018 models cheap!

    giving away the 18-19 or? The 20 turbo is different.
  14. I need a CARFAX report

    CARFAX is a scam. The information is unreliable and in this case 100% wrong. According to CARFAX my car was in an accident last year in MN. I live in FL and have never even been to MN. It says there were multiple impacts on the car. Front, passenger side, back & driver rear side, car towed...
  15. I need a CARFAX report

    PM sent. Appreciate it. True, true & I agree with you. Nope, nothing. The car hasn’t been to a body shop or dealer for anything except ordinary maintenance.
  16. I need a CARFAX report

    In this case quite the opposite. We got past the lowball offer and they agreed to give us a decent value on the trade eventually. The finance woman on the other hand was rude, condescending and argumentative. We literally got up from her desk and walked out from the dealership without buying a...
  17. I need a CARFAX report

    I just went to a Jeep dealer shopping for a car and they ran a carfax on my car. It showed an accident last year which is completely false. The bad car fax led to a rough negotiation over the value of the trade. It showed the car damaged on 3 of 4 quarter panels (all wrong b/c there was no...
  18. Can’t help but pick on the “little guy”

    2 day trip & the wife packs a large suitcase. I use a small duffle bag & she aka: “can you fit a couple pairs of my shoes & now blowdryer?” Happens every time. LOL. now I use a small roll-aboard suitcase planning ahead to carry her shoes, blowdryer, & sweaters. She’ll pack until there isn’t...
  19. Can’t help but pick on the “little guy”

    Original Jeep = 2 doors, 2 e unlimited Jeeeep = 4 doors, 4 e