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  1. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Meanwhile up in Toronto... Jeep Abandoned After Accident, Driver Tries To Hide
  2. Intrusive safety features: it's going way too far.

    Buckle the driver's seatbelt to bypass the auto park. I learned that the hard way after digging 30' ruts with the rear wheels while winching it one day.
  3. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Happy Canada Day to all us hosers, eh! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
  4. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Mornin', all. ☕ Fellow Canadians, check on your friends from BC. They are not ok. 47.5C/117.5F there yesterday and no sign the heat wave will end any time soon.
  5. Did you know? They're still making the almighty Lada Niva!

    Not sure if a French/Russian mix is a good thing, but those Ladas are simple, solid machines. You just have to stay one step ahead of the rust.
  6. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Mornin'. ☕ Drove past the local Ford dealer and saw a lovely 2dr JK in their Used Cars section and noticed the silver Bronco is no longer parked out front. Coincidence?
  7. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Mornin', everyone! I just installed the latest accessory for defensive driving purposes. Shit is about to get real...
  8. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    ...sigh... FINE, I fixed it for ya.
  9. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    When I was stationed in Germany back in the early 80's we were given the American MRE's (the ones in the brown plastic bag) instead of our much better Canadian version. We'd trade them for fresh food and home cooked meals with the locals when we were out on Ex, but occasionally out of...
  10. 2-door JL seat question

    The lever under the seat is for setting it at your preferred distance from the steering wheel and pedals and leaving it there. The lever on top is for easy and quick access for rear passengers without needing to reset the distance. It will return to the proper distance and seatback angle every...
  11. Snow Stories .... How has your JL beasted through some of the white stuff??

    I like to go bombing around the back roads before the snowplow wakes up and to bash through some of the snow covered summer trails that aren't used by the ATV and snowmobile crowds. The first winter I swapped out the OEM tires for a set of Firestone Winterforce, they worked quite well in all...
  12. What does everybody do for a living?

    I'm retarded... I mean RETIRED, dammit. For 2yrs now. Started with a 15yr stint in the Canadian Army (yes, we really do have one), then I was a Millwright, trucker then Motorcycle Service Tech. Finished off as the Parts guy at the local Harley dealer.
  13. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Re all the divorce talk... I can relate, been there done that 4 times because I'm a slow learner. But somewhere along the way I at least figured out why a divorce costs so much... Because it's f*cking worth it.
  14. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Thank you and I do appreciate the offer, but it's too late for me. Two types of treatments have failed and the last option left, the drug Lonsurf which I start in a couple weeks, has a dismal success rate. My Oncologist is very, very good - one of the top rated in Canada - but there's only so...
  15. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    I've been reading all the comments about cancer in this thread and it's good to know, in a way, that I'm not alone. My Dad was Air Force and passed away in 2014 from mesothelioma related to his service. I'm following in his footsteps, have been fighting a losing battle the last 2yrs with colon...
  16. Anyone else have these windshield marks?

    They only show up on a foggy or frosty morning and after 2yrs of periodically cleaning the glass they're still visible. I recently watched a video of the JL assembly line at Toledo and they appear to have been caused by the six suction cups that hold the windshield in place while it is installed...
  17. Whats Your Other ride?

    Got it last Sept, a boyhood dream finally come true!
  18. Whats Your Other ride?

    1997 Corvette Targa Coupe... 2003 HD Anniversary Edition FXD Super Glide...
  19. I'm Not OCD, But This Bugs Me

    Looked at the pics, but it doesn't seem to cover the front edge.
  20. I'm Not OCD, But This Bugs Me

    After removing the stock rear bumper ( there was way more plastic than steel) and installing an aftermarket unit, there's a noticeable bit of bodywork edge just hanging out in the open now. I've sprayed some rustproofing oil into the gap, but would like to find a way to cover it up for aesthetic...