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  1. Rival 4x4 stubby bumper

    Quadratech has adapters to make the new light pods plug and play. You don’t have to cut or splice anything if you want them to come on like your original fog lights.
  2. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Any update on the JL 4door cargo area kit?
  3. Teraflex 1.5inch spacer lift with stock rubicon shocks

    I have a rubicon with the 1.5 terraflex level/lift it. I use factory shocks with no extensions and haven’t had any issues, I don’t do any heavy wheeling though. I just got it to use until the factory tires wear out then I’m going new wheels 35’s and 2.5” MC lift.
  4. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    What did you think of the tune itself?
  5. Alabama Half Doors For Sale

    No sorry they are sold
  6. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Does anyone have any feedback on how the desert kahki color matches the saddle leather seats?
  7. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Very interested in this product is there a forum discount code or sale going on?
  8. Oil Catch Can For 3.0L Diesel?

    Can you post a picture of how and where you mounted? What other parts you had to buy and if you are collecting any oil with it?
  9. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    I was considering buying the full banks kit. 2 gauges, the derringer and pedal monster. Still waiting to here overall feed back on performance boost. I don’t think this will reduce regens since it’s just tricking the computer into giving more fuel and air. You would probably need to full...
  10. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    Any other update? Is it worth the money or is it just so so?
  11. Diesel Build - 2020 Sting-Gray JLURD

  12. Game Changer 2.5 lift for the ecodiesel

    I asked them about this and I’m not sure their kits level no mater the weight. Basically it maintains the factory rake. When you add the diesel it noses down more. I believe they make their own shim kit adjust though. My JLURD is the same color with a similar setup. What wheels and tires are...
  13. Utah Issue w/ Metalcloak Tie Rod & Stabilizer Kit for JL

    I would ask MC to exchange it in case something is out of spec. If it still does it then go with the steering bolt if you plan on getting new wheels down the road. Another option is spacers. I bought qtec spacers for 89 a pair and put them on last weekend. Makes the tires stick past the...
  14. Utah Issue w/ Metalcloak Tie Rod & Stabilizer Kit for JL

    Oops I see where metal cloak already gave you a response. Are your rims the standard Rubi rims or are they the upgraded ones? Does it do it on both sides?
  15. Utah Issue w/ Metalcloak Tie Rod & Stabilizer Kit for JL

    I am interested to know this too. I thought about getting one myself and was under the impression you didn’t need any modifications. If you talk to MC let us know what they say...
  16. Milestar Patagonia 315/70R17

  17. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    Are you saying you already ordered a derringer? I checked yesterday and it appeared to be waiting on emissions approval.
  18. Steersmarts trackbar brace with pitman armsupport

    I just bought the steer smarts brace. How can I tell if it’s the V2 for the rubicon or not? I don’t want to install it if I know I’m going to have to remove it later...
  19. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Thanks to all your confirmations that the synergy brace does not require mods to fit the diesel. I guess I got some bad info. I could swear i read that in a disclaimer on the qtech sales page. Anyhow did anyone cross shop the steer smart brace to see if there was any pros or cons to it?
  20. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Did you have grind or do any custom fitting to make the synergy brace work on your diesel? I heard the shock bucket bracket was in the way on the diesel and had to be trimmed, but your looks factory.