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  1. Super Impressed with my JLURD Towing

    FWIW most ST trailer tires are only rated to 65mph.
  2. Super Impressed with my JLURD Towing

    If it was only your well being great, have at it but there are plenty of people on the road who could be impacted when things go sideways.
  3. Super Impressed with my JLURD Towing

    Cool story, it is all good until it isn't, at those speeds there is no margin for error if you have to make an emergency maneuver and slow down, I also highly doubt the trailer tires are rated for that speed, if one blows out at those speeds without brakes things can go really badly really quickly.
  4. Super Impressed with my JLURD Towing

    Towing with a JL at 80....
  5. Vibrations with new Nitto 38" Trail Grapplers and KMC wheels are driving me insane!

    Just curious what were the road force numbers?
  6. Nice little cheap add.

    Did you get the Gladiator covers?
  7. Wheels like AEV Pintlers with 0 Offset

    0 offset is going to extend further outside the fender than +25.
  8. How far do 17*8.5 rims with 0 offset & 12.5 tires stick out?

    In MA you may not pass the yearly inspection, haven’t heard of people being pulled over for it.
  9. Need Advice (Paint issue 392)

    That is terrible, as an earlier post suggested perhaps it was damaged or didn’t pass QC at some point and parts got resprayed, with colors like that with metallic it is close to impossible to match with a respray.
  10. Feedback wanted on Toyo Open Country A/T 3 tires.

    I have them in 285/75/17s LR C, they have been great, have about 12k miles. I have not used them off road but on road and in snow and wet they work very well. I had ATIIs in the same size on my JKU they were very good as well but not as good in wet and snow as they were not 3pmsf rated
  11. 392 in Naples ME?

    Saw a red 392 parked at the causeway in Naples Maine this weekend, looked pretty good, looked like it had 37s, no spare and MD plates. Just curious if it was a member.
  12. Oil Change Question

    No they do not
  13. Sell my Willys for a Rubicon???

    What is the issue with the LSD?
  14. Best Tire Carriers regardless of price?

    AEV would be my choice.
  15. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    JT works well for me, bed is just as useful as the bed I had on my Tundra. Towing my 3500lb boat, hauling my old 3 wheeler and bringing a waverunner lift to my camp in Maine. Couldn’t do any of these things with my JKU.
  16. Tire damage

    Might have happened when they broke the bead on the tires to change them, based on how the damage looks it looks like it could match the piece that pushes down to break the bead.
  17. Can I use a friends tazer to change the size of my tires?

    Surprising, installing the harness into the ODB port is a little tricky but other than that no issues. I have read quite a few issues with Tazers. AEV Snap is made in the US by a company that has a long history of making quality Jeep parts.
  18. Can I use a friends tazer to change the size of my tires?

    Check out the AEV Snap, it does what you need, they are frequently for sale on the forum for less than $100.
  19. Stuck on the road

    Not to add salt to the wound, but how long did you drive it with the fuel light on? If it works like a regular gas vehicle you have roughly 50 miles before you actual run out of gas when the fuel light comes on.