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  1. Kentrol Door Hinge Delrin Bushings, Guide Pins and Custom Caps

    The rubber caps just cover the silver pins for looks only. The caps do not go into the hinge. Yes the caps pop right on and off. The caps slide on and off really easy. I do put Fluidfilm on the pins to eliminate any corrosion even though the pins are 304 stainless. The door pins are a life...
  2. Kentrol Door Hinge Delrin Bushings, Guide Pins and Custom Caps

    I keep the stainless door pins and caps on year round. I remove the black rubber caps only when I remove the doors. I was initially afraid of loosing the black caps in car washes, but they stay on. Haven't lost one yet.
  3. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Detroit Michigan... Regular: $2.99 Premium: $3.59 Diesel: $3.55
  4. Borla Touring Climber for 2-door 3.6...

    My shield fit there, but the tailpipe did not fit with the shield installed. Then I tried to install the tailpipe first before the shield. Did not fit that way either. So I ditched the shield altogether and moved that electrical pigtail instead. I removed the electrical christmas tree from the...
  5. Michigan Sold: FREE Stock Exhaust (Cat Back) Muffler + Resonator 2020 JL 2-Door FREE

    Free to a new home is my OEM JL muffler plus the OEM mid pipe resonator. Removed from my 2-Door 3.6L JL. 17,000 miles and perfect shape. No rust (was rust proofed with Fluidfilm when new) Pick up only in SW Michigan area. I will not ship it or meet you half's FREE
  6. Borla Touring Climber for 2-door 3.6...

    Yeah let us know how the little bracket/shield thingy works. Can't figure out what that is for. Borla told me 2 more weeks for mine. Mine is the S-Type though.
  7. Borla Touring Climber for 2-door 3.6...

    4xFUN, did you get your exhaust yet?
  8. Borla Touring Climber for 2-door 3.6...

    4xFUN, hear anything yet? I ordered my S-type Climber 2-door though Northridge last week. Its backordered, and will drop ship directly from Borla. When? ...that is the question. I'm hoping you got yours already or have tracking at least. I'm wondering if I should have paid the additional $50 and...
  9. Seat Cover Suggestions?

    It does. So much, that I just placed an order from Quadratec. Ordered the front and back Carhartts for my 2-door. Thanks for posting the pics!
  10. Seat Cover Suggestions?

  11. Seat covers

    Are these the Precision Fit, or the SeatSavers version?
  12. Seat Cover Suggestions?

    Which model of Covercraft Carhartt are those? Covercraft makes both "Precision Fit" and "SeatSaver" in the Carhartt seat covers. Precision fit are like $100 more than the SeatSavers.
  13. Borla Touring Climber for 2-door 3.6...

    4xFUN, you say you ordered your exhaust through Northridge? I see their website is updated and it looks like the Borla's are in stock on the Northridge website. Did you receive your order yet, or is Northridge just adding to cart the pre-order? Thanks
  14. Wheel Spacers for JL

    DadJokes, that looks fantastic! Any issues with the OE wheel studs being too long for the OE wheel pockets using those 1" wheel spacers from Bora?