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  1. Black Rhino Wheel Experiences?

    Very nice! May I ask what size tire you are running as well as the offset of the wheels?
  2. Jeep Wrangler Sport Upgrade - 265/70/17 or 285/70/17?

    Sorry if I missed this, but did you install any kind of lift or just stick with the stock suspension?
  3. Pics of Sport S with 285/70/17 tires on stock wheels?

    Love the look of your jeep! Do you know what the backspacing is on those wheels?
  4. Ideal offset for 265/70r17-285/70r17 tires on JLU Sport

    Thanks for the advice. I had not considered the Rubicon suspension swap; will need to research that to see what all that involves. Thanks again.
  5. Ideal offset for 265/70r17-285/70r17 tires on JLU Sport

    Hello all! I believe I've been doing my due diligence on researching the ideal wheel and tire size for a standard, non-lifted Jeep JLU Sport and have narrowed my field down to two different wheels and tire sizes. My jeep is a daily driver and I know I can go up to a 285/70r17 without much of...
  6. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    I like your wheel/tire set-up. Do you mind if I ask what size tires and wheels you are running? Do you happen to know the backspace/offset of your wheels? Thanks!
  7. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    I have a friend who has a vinyl decal cutter!
  8. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Took my jeep out to my parent's farm. Couldn't pass up the photo OP (or as my wife put it, "Glamour Shot!") :LOL:
  9. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    I can't believe it! I finally got my Jeep Stingray! I was starting to believe this day would never come! :LOL: Now what am I going to compulsively obsess over online?!
  10. LOD Destroyer 2Dr Rock Sliders

    These are amazing!
  11. New colors available on the Gladiator! Available for JL soon?

    Looks like some new colors are coming along with the new Gladiator! Gobi Clear-Coat Exterior Paint (Late Availability) Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat Exterior...
  12. MOAB Edition JL Photos

    I saw this MOAB at the dealer last weekend. Window sticker was flipped over so I couldn't see the price.
  13. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Spotted a granite JLU Sport S at John Hoffer Jeep in Topeka, KS. I was really impressed overall! I liked the all-terrain tires and stock S wheels much more than I thought I would. The interior is simply amazing! I was surprised as the jeep was not as tall as I was expecting it to be. When I...
  14. 2 Door JL Rubicon or Sport S?

    While I love the Rubicon, I'm just not sure I can swing the price. I actually think the Sport S wheels look like the Chief Edition wheels. Like the Blue and Tan look!

    I was trying to figure out what that dark black splotch below the passenger side headlight was. Looks to me like there's a lot of tape over that spot. I wonder if it's possible that they are covering up turn signals in the grill. Compare that grill to the safari concept. Wishful thinking or is...