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  1. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    The plastic is very durable. I'm sitting here trying to put pressure on the key ring loop and it's not going anywhere. That said, it is 3D printed plastic, so it's not going to be as strong as the Jeep OEM. But we're not buying it because it's strong, even though it is. We're buying it because...
  2. Unofficial 2 door owners section...until the admins create one for us ...hint hint ...wink wink

    This is my favorite time of year. Sides off, rocking top down or safari mode, breathing the crisp Fall air, waking up to an inch of water from an overnight storm and everything in the back seat is wet. But it's a 2dr so it's not like there's a whole lot of stuff back there to get wet.
  3. Key fob size reduction

    I have an AJT fob and honestly, except for the installation, it's been great. That installation was murder though. I ordered a Model M from Threedom and it's a LOT smaller. The AJT was good, but if you're looking for the tiniest key fob possible then get the Threedom. If I had any complaints...
  4. 2 Door Exclusive JL Parts

    I'm getting a trailer hitch installed next week and then I'll get one of these canoe loaders: At that point I'll be living the dream, kayak wise anyway.
  5. I never thought I’d say this

    It's been a really mild summer in the Southeast. For some meteorological reason, all the misery out west makes life cooler (and wetter) here. Took my windows off and I've been running in Safari mode most this month, but the rain keeps coming so my drain plugs are left open because otherwise my...
  6. 2 Door Exclusive JL Parts

    This will work: I bought mine last year, but haven't really had a chance to use it yet. Tore a tendon in my arm and it's been a hard recovery, definitely not up to carrying a kayak right now. But it's a nice system, bolts to the...
  7. Rear screen windows

    I want to meet the man whose sleeping in his 2dr Jeep and buy him a drink. Maybe get him a few phonebooks to sit on first.
  8. Rear screen windows

    Do they roll up for storage? I've got a behind the seat bag for my windows, but that pretty much makes my 2dr backseats unusable. It would be nice if they were lighter and easy to store than standard windows. Otherwise, not sure of their benefit.
  9. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    I’ll have to give it a shot. I still have one Jeep jerrycan fob that annoys me to no end every time I need to use it.
  10. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    I've had the AJT for 2 years and have really liked it, but holy cow that DI Labs fob looks so much easier to put together. Trying to get the battery installed correctly on the AJT was a pain in the ass.
  11. questions from a first time Jeep owner.

    I got felt pads that I put behind the seat belt straps. Cost like $12. No more annoying flapping. Since they're black it blends in well and doesn't look janky or too DIY.
  12. New Jeep find today

    My daughter has a 19 Renegade and she loves the rear steering wheel control buttons. Whenever I have to drive her vehicle I notice how cheap they feel compared to the Wrangler buttons. You wouldn't think they'd have 'nice' buttons and 'cheap' ones across different models, but apparently they do.
  13. Typical jeep owner aside, there is just no reason for people to own a Jeep Wrangler

    When I first joined this forum there was a lady complaining that her new Jeep was too slow. She lived her whole life sharing the road with Jeeps and somehow thought they were fast. The 2.0 accelerates plenty fast, but get past 80mph and things start flying off like a space shuttle on reentry...
  14. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    I don't think that will never happen. We may be only 4 or 5 more model years from seeing no more V6 Wranglers. 4cyl's have won the internal combustion wars.
  15. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    If I'm bored while driving I'll sometimes try to hold my breath until I pass another Wrangler and I almost never pass out. There are so many Wranglers. I read somewhere once that, depending on your math, the Jeep brand by itself was worth more than the whole of Chrysler. At least before it...
  16. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    Isn't it pretty known that Subarus are incredibly reliable until year 6 when the head gasket goes? Short term numbers are great. Long term numbers are something else. Since Jeeps appear to stay on the road longer than other brands, they're probably more represented in CR's used car surveys...
  17. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    A lot of old White people who like to bitch happen to be Jeep owners though. Magazine demographics will skew the results somewhat, but that also means the cars most popular with old White people who like to bitch (Hondas, Toyotas, Volvos, Subrarus) are pretty accurate in terms or reliability...
  18. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    It took about 20 months to become a problem. It's entirely possible they came from the factory that way or they were bounced around like my wife every time I go over a speed bump too fast. My theory is modern electronics don't care much for solid axel design, but my theories are often wrong.
  19. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    Back when I had a Saturn I heard the same stuff on Saturn forums about CR. And just like with Jeeps, the CR's scores were mostly accurate. Every automobile model that gets dinged on for reliability assumes they're being picked on. Unless we're talking Isuzus, it's not true. It's nice to hear...
  20. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    In the suburbs everyone waves. It's annoying how often they wave. When I drive up to North Georgia (Marjorie Taylor-Greene country) no one waves. I can't tell if they're being rude or just always on the lookout for space lasers. More than likely everyone I pass up there has owned Jeeps since...