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  1. Door netted pocket, are they annoying you

    I just pulled it tight then cut with scissors as close to the edge as possible. Then I grabbed some needle nose pliers and flush cutters to remove as much of the elastic at the top sides as I could stretch and cut. apparently there is a way to remove the whole thing, including the metal wire...
  2. NEW! Special Edition Headliner Colors (Blue & Red) | Hothead Headliners

    Just installed the soft top headliner in red- love it! Tested it out on a road trip to Germany this weekend, it does a great job at reducing highway noise (even while barreling down the autobahn at 85 mph) and keeping the cabin temp stable.
  3. Door netted pocket, are they annoying you

    Here are the AAL MOLLE panels installed:
  4. Door netted pocket, are they annoying you

    Here are some pre-installation pics: sun sets before I get home from work, and Jeep doesn’t fit in garage (stupid Europe ;) ) so it’s gonna be a few days before the install.
  5. Door netted pocket, are they annoying you

    I bought a set of the AAL MOLLE Door panels in satin red (Rubicon Dash). Just arrived yesterday, I'll post some pics when I install later this week.
  6. European front Rubicon 3 piece Metal Mopar Bumper

    That's cool- I have a US spec JLUR in Europe, and with the tight parking spaces, I wonder if they can be retrofitted onto a US spec Jeep.
  7. Soft Top & Tuffy Security Deck

    Yes, I have the Tuffy Security Deck & a soft top. The locks will click with the top down, but it won't actually hold the top down. I use a velcro strap around the top, and bungee cords around the arms on each side to keep it from bouncing around.
  8. Floor Jack for Installing Lift

    Yes, I used them for my lift. Felt like I was testing the universe, but fortunately no accidents. For more detail: I was installing a 2.5" lift, which I did over MANY weekends, since I kept running into weird issues (mainly since I was installing solo, while posted abroad, and it was my...
  9. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I definitely miss US gas prices. Over here in the Czech Republic, It works out to $5.95 per gallon at my local station in Prague (34.5Kc per liter /21.95 = $1.57*3.785 liters). On the plus side, average cost for a pint of beer at a restaurant here is $2! EDIT: Yikes, it's up to 38.5Kc per...
  10. Pulled the Trigger on Fender Vent Lights! (Running/Turn combo)

    I haven't installed mine yet. Planning to install the AAL inner fender liners and high-line DRL/Turn signals, and going to grab their Aux light harness as well to install these (so I don't have to bite into the OEM wiring).
  11. OE Steel Bumper Hoops

    I had the JCR Offroad Pre-runner first (the one that @Ct_Formula has in the above pic), but replaced it with the Maximus-3 JL SLP Hoop (the one that @Headbarcode has pictured above). As others have said, the Maximus-3 matches really well with the steel bumper. The JCR pre-runner wasn't bad, but...
  12. Falcon Nexus Steering Stabilizer Relation?

    Thanks for this! I'm about to install new ARB diff covers and an MC FAD skid, and needed something to relocate my Falcon 2.2 SS for clearance. One thing to note - Teraflex has upped the price to 54.99 for 1 5/8" clamp (44.99 for the 1 1/2" clamp). Planning to use the MC SS relocation bracket...
  13. Need Help With Differential Oil Type for Dana 44 M210 and M220 Tru-Lok Axles

    I couldn't find any filled flex pouches online yesterday, so I ended up ordering these. Will report back once I use them. EZ SQUEEZE FILLABLE OIL POUCH KIT | Race German
  14. Looking up or locating Engine Number?

    Dunno, never got challenged on it. It feels right though!
  15. recommendation for after market inner fender for Rubi. JLU 2021?

    I’m thinking about getting the same color combo - can you share any pics?
  16. Pulled the Trigger on Fender Vent Lights! (Running/Turn combo)

    I ordered some as well, too cold outside to install though. Also thinking about figuring out how to make a harness vs T-Tapping the wires, but that might be more trouble than it's worth.
  17. Pulled the Trigger on Fender Vent Lights! (Running/Turn combo)

    Sure- it’s these guys:
  18. Pulled the Trigger on Fender Vent Lights! (Running/Turn combo)

    Those XKGlow lights look very tempting. Sold out on Amazon right now, but I found the mfg web site, and they appear to be in stock. I’d love to see pics/video of them in conjunction with the Oracle lights. I had purchased some bi-color (amber/white) light bolts from Oznium that I was planning...
  19. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    Did you flip the rear sway bar? I thought I read somewhere that it is recommended, but now I don't see it in the metalcloak instructions.
  20. Metalcloak 2.5" Kit NOW LIVE

    So update to my above post - I’ve been slowly installing this kit over the past few weekends, and there are a ton of viable stopping points. Day 1 - Front LCAs. Note - the bolts for these are INCREDIBLY difficult to loosen. I had to stand on a 24” breaker bar and pull on the bumper with all my...