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  1. Mopar touch-up paint problem

    More information... Where did you buy it? How did you pay for it? Do you still have the original receipt/order information?
  2. Recommendations for First Aid Training

    Bingo! That course was a great experience. We did back country guiding for our employer and made and still make many backcountry trips to places where you have nothing but your training and kit. I can recall treating a severe leg laceration on the side of a mountain at over 12K feet. Nothing...
  3. Windshield protection?

    We're on our 5th windshield. That doesn't count the numerous "divot" patches. The first windshield doesn't count, because it came trashed from the dealer. The shortest duration between replacement is three weeks! We don't tailgate, but the JL seems to have a bull's eye painted on it. Use to...
  4. New Demon Grille for a 2019 MOAB

    As my daddy used to say, "A face only a mother could love."
  5. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Purchase: Am I being stupid?

    Only thought is that many bank loans on vehicles have a minimum amount of time that you must keep it before paying off. 6 months comes to mind. Might be 30 days. Check before signing. I also keep a $50K home equity line of credit just for such cases. With those kind of assets, why not use a...
  6. Is working rear defroster warm to the touch?

    Thanks. I was thinking it should be warm to the touch. I'm on the road and not packing my amp meter. May pick up a second one on Amazon since they are cheap.
  7. Is working rear defroster warm to the touch?

    I was asking for an intelligent answer or reasonably so not stupid humor.
  8. Is working rear defroster warm to the touch?

    I had the broken wire issue with my rear defroster. It looks like that used some type of adhesive to reattach the wire. Now, I'm down in Arizona for the winter. So, it may be a while before I need it. So, as the title said, is the rear defroster/window warm to the touch after turning it on for a...
  9. Pov / caution lights

  10. Moab steel front bumper winch ready?

    My wench of 50 years bought the winch ready JL as her daily driver then bought the winch for me to install for her.
  11. Any windshield love yet?

    We are now needing a 4th windshield at 15K in less than 12 months. Our Rubicon came with a frosted windshield at delivery which the dealership replaced. Now needing another new one from an rock strike and run. This one lasted less than 30 days. There has got to me something seriously wrong with...
  12. JL GPS Navigation is a total waste of money!

    GPS (Global Positioning System) uses a number of satellites to triangulate your position and place you on a map that you can look at. So, the positioning of your location on a map is only as good as the mapping system that was factory downloaded on your GPS navigation system. Hence my Jeep...
  13. JL GPS Navigation is a total waste of money!

    I previously posted a question and comments on the lack of dirt/off road trails appearing on the JL navigation. We've spent the past two months in the Tucson, Yuma, Quartzite and Mesa areas. We went off road in the Buenos Aries NWR, Barry Goldwater Range, Kofa NWR as well as various BLM and NFS...
  14. WHY did you BUY your JL?

    Three reasons... We made the "mistake" of test driving a JL last winter. Our 2012 Rubicon with 60K miles was still at a sweet resale/trade spot. And most of all, we needed something to wheel beside the wife's 1982' Toyota FJ40. It would be too expensive to fix if she broke something.
  15. Is JL Nav junk or am I missing something?

    Yep, that was my issue. Now shows unpaved roads. Didn't get deep into the desert near the Mexican boarder for the acid test.
  16. Is JL Nav junk or am I missing something?

    This looks like it was my problem. Somehow it was unchecked. I'll be out in the desert today. Will see if it works. Took long enough for someone to give me a good answer. This 69 year old brain feels somewhat ashamed for not seeing that. Thanks for your help. Will post later today on results.
  17. Is JL Nav junk or am I missing something?

    So, I did a quick look see on this. I assume you have to plan you trip before you go using the app that requires cell/wifi service. A lot of my Arizona desert wheeling require real time ability to free lance trails. I didn't have cell service for two hours while in the brush except for cell...
  18. Is JL Nav junk or am I missing something?

    I'm a long time user of GPS units for wilderness hiking and thousands of miles of back country wheeling in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and southern California. Our 2012 Rubicon had a factory Nav system that was what I considered as pretty darn good. It showed lots of detail including National Forest...
  19. Free oil change, you get what you pay for!

    I beg to differ. When my local yokel mechanic changes the oil, he checks all fluid levels, tire pressure, etc. He is so backed up that I have to make an appointment 2-3 weeks out. So, the "swamped" statement doesn't pass muster with me. I shouldn't have to ask to have fluids checked. That is...
  20. Free oil change, you get what you pay for!

    Took my JLUR in for its first free oil change and tire rotation. A week later the washer fluid light comes on. It was completely empty. Shouldn't that have been checked by the dealer? Also checked tire pressure. It was all over the place, 36-39 psi. I did check the dipstick and it was ok...