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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Well, that makes sense on one level, but how are you going to light your cigarettes now? Solve one problem, create another. Jeep thing.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I never thought of painting wheel weights. Great idea. I don’t obsess over many of the details of appearance that others do, but a bunch of lead showing on my wheels annoys me. I love the performance my Falken WP ATs, but MAN! it sure took a lot of weight to balance them. Seems like less than...
  3. If you were going to be In the Telluride, Silverton, Ouray area Wheeling?

    Good advice. I camped one night where Poughkeepsie turns off from Mineral, though. Lots of room there. Beautiful spot. Follow your ears to the spectacular waterfall. You could drop the trailers there, go on over Engineer, have lunch in Lake City, and come back over Cinnamon, and be in camp in...
  4. Ouray is Seriously Epic

    Actually, I had to give up fly fishing when my right arm got torn off in 1980. Just been flinging and cranking lures since. Hell. It’s still fishing, though! Tenkara has me back in the flyfishing game now. Big fun! I’m hoping to try salt this winter. Reds. Trout.
  5. Ouray is Seriously Epic

    I like reasonable. Theoretically, anyway. Obviously not so much in practice. Thanks. Btw, I lived in Colorado for more than 30 years. I ain’t your typical Texan, except in my tendency to bow up and fight. That would work. It’s a great idea. You should present that to the Jeep renters...
  6. Ouray is Seriously Epic

    Tenkara? Big fun.
  7. Ouray is Seriously Epic

    Buy this: It features a remarkable new technology, which requires neither electricity nor an Internet connection to work. Some German dude named Guttenberg invented it, or so I’m told.
  8. Ouray is Seriously Epic

    Yep. That’s my Sally. The other is Buck. Catahoula.
  9. Ouray is Seriously Epic

    My dogs were the same last week on Engineer, Imogene, and Cinnamon. They think I’m God. Nothing could possibly go wrong with Joe in charge. I don’t deserve that level of trust, but I nevertheless appreciate it.
  10. JL accessories to avoid at ALL costs (post your warnings here)

    Yeah, either that, or he’s a normal man making an innocent, harmless joke, and you’re looking for opportunities to be offended.
  11. Top Tier gas

    Are all stations listed among the brands which have adopted Top Tier required to actually supply Top Tier gas? I’ve only seen one pump with a notification that it delivers Top Tier gas, and I only buy gas at brands which are included in the TT list. Am I always getting TT gas even when there...
  12. Poll: 2 or 4 door Jeep

    Poll: Is this the dumbest dumbass poll in the history of all these dumb dumbass polls?
  13. Be careful out there!

    That certainly looks like a safe place to pass, but you need to understand that many people on the high passes are simply not competent, and/or scared half to death. They often pull over in really lousy places, and one must deal with their choices. I tend to go way high, if I have a choice...
  14. Be careful out there!

    The word “elderly” is not pejorative. It is merely descriptive, and 72 qualifies for that description.
  15. Be careful out there!

    Just ran it the other day. There are sure-enough lots of places where the trail is narrow, with a virtual cliff on the low side, and lots of traffic in both directions. Passing is often sketchy. A wheel dropped over the edge, and one could easily be tumbling down- mountain. I pray for them...
  16. Removing Rubicon hood decal

    “like a woodchuck”. My first laugh of the day! Thanks!
  17. Northern New Mexico wheeling?

    I’m going to be in Raton NM October 10-12, for a meeting. Any good wheeling thereabouts? Thanks. Joe
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Cool. Btw, I experienced more rubbing after the JKS QD swaybar install. That’s a good thing, I reckon. It indicates more flex. I love those black plastic fenders. I just keep whittling on ‘em....they can’t get any uglier, I reckon.