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  1. Washington WTB - Lange Hoist-A-Cart GEN 2

    Looking to pick one up used if anyone nearby selling. Near Seattle. Thanks.
  2. Jeep Wave $500 Savings Dollars???

    This is still an issue if anyone trying to use before June 30 deadline. Like others, had to use chat window (phone number wasn't working)...after chatting with someone who coudn't help - tied me to a Wave rep - and they had to link my VIN with account (even though it showed on account page)...
  3. WTB JLUR Performance Rock Rails (Southern California)

    Have some down in San Diego...south San Diego so more of a hike...
  4. California Sold: 2019 Rubicon JLU Rock Rails - Price Drop - $75 OBO - San Diego - Wife Wants Gone

    For sale - Rubicon Rock Rails - dirty, but barely used. Live in South San Diego area - DM me if interested. Thanks!
  5. California 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JLU JL 4dr mopar premium soft top tint windows - $800

    What's the top rail system you have installed?
  6. Hardtop Wiring Harness/Fluid Hose Storage Bracket Broken

    I did...but at the dealer as it was still under warranty. Can't help with part number
  7. Hardtop Wiring Harness/Fluid Hose Storage Bracket Broken

    So this bracket that holds the wiring harness and fluid hose when I remove the Hard Top has broken off...the clips that hold it in place are broken. Anyone else seen this problem? Not looking to go to Jeep dealer again until I need to - figure I can ask for a replacement under warranty - but...
  8. ROAM JL Rock Rails (MK1, JLU 4 Door) Install Guide - Revision 1.0

    I didn't use any sort of jack...the cross bar holds in place just fine when you do one side at a time. Flags were easy to install - with a second hand in place. Only time I needed someone else there... Lights are out for now...I haven't learned enough about electircial to install. Plenty of...
  9. Got the V41 recall work done

    Thanks - i'm working with them now - just have to find time to take it by.
  10. 4 Red seatbelts wrangler jl 200 plus your black seatbelts

    Where in SoCal? I'm San Diego area...
  11. Got the V41 recall work done

    Tracking...I just read through entire thread and see .pdf about why correct instal is important...also that part may be damaged if put in wrong...more concerned about that at this point. Not sure if I take it in and let them turn it, or make them replace since I've put miles on it now.
  12. Got the V41 recall work done

    Ugggh...after reading this went and checked mine (which was installed last Friday) and see that it is indeed backwards...not looking forward to going back anytime the meantime, wondering how much of a problem this really is. With some dealers saying it doesn't matter...I'd ask why...
  13. Sold: JL Mopar Cargo Tray for Leather Seat - San Diego Area - Pick Up

    I have a brand new cargo tray available for pick up..caveat is that it is missing a couple of critical pieces to install - a grommet or two. Also - the mat shows wear pretty easily - like your floor mats - and shifted in box to show a bit. When I ordered it online, it was sent missing the bag...
  14. Had my steering damper replaced today.

    For those not having issues...number of reason why that may probably one. Read the recall and it talks about how temps lower than 40 help create the situation (alongside the 55 mph) for SoCal livers such as myself, you might NEVER see this issue...but do you want to have it...
  15. How many baseball caps have you lost with top and doors off?

    Though my wife would be happy if I lost a few ballcaps...or 20...had to order something else I didn't know I needed until this thread. 3 hat clips on the way...
  16. Door Quick Release System

    Don't put your screws back in...?