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  1. Roam sidestep Rust

    wow, sorry to hear that. I'll keep my fingers crossed for mine
  2. Roam sidestep Rust

    Were these the ones without the new e-coating? I have the newer ones for over a year now and zero rust at all.
  3. Would tube doors look ok on stock rubicon?

    Anyone have pics of only a front set of tube doors on their 4 dr Jeep?
  4. Rugged Ridge JL Tube Doors Installed! *PIC*

    Anyone have pics of their 4 door with the tube doors only on the front doors?
  5. Roam sidestep Rust

    Ive had mine since May of this year and have had no rust issues. Mine are the e-coated ones
  6. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    Darby Extend-A-Truck Hitch Mounted Load Extender - Roof or Truck Bed Item # DTA944
  7. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Just installed my new ROAM Rock Rails
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed my new ROAM Rock Rails
  9. New York 2019 OEM Rubicon JLUR Rock Rails-$175 Pick Up Only

    2019 OEM Rubicon JL Rock Rails $175 Long Island, Pick Up Only
  10. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    The rack was less than a $100 from
  11. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    These look great! Are these the Frame mounted or Body mounted ones?
  12. Jeep Dog pics

    She loves the new Rubicon
  13. Options for carrying a canoe/kayak

    This is my setup. Works well.
  14. MOPAR Factory All Weather Floor Mats

    I just purchased and received a brand new set of the Mopar floor mats with the red Jeep lettering from Ebay for $105. They look and fit great
  15. Letter from Jeep offering extended warranty

    Do a search on these forums for extended warranty and you'll find discounted ones being offered by a few dealers.
  16. Please recommend a cargo mat

    Does the Weathertech cargo mat have a rubbery non skid type surface?
  17. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    I'm looking to order a set of the Roam steps but trying to decide if i should go with the Side armor side steps with the Line-X coating or for the Rock rails version with the E-coating/powdercoat? I will not be doing any rock crawling and just looking to see which would hold up the best against...
  18. Tuffy Console Lock Box Alternative

    Would love to know how it works out if anyone tries it
  19. Roam sidestep Rust

  20. Side step cost to get Line-X'd or similar coating

    Anyone know how much it would probably cost to to have a pair of side steps Line-X'd or something similar. I am looking at the ROAM steps and wanted to see if it might be worth it having them done before i was to install them to try and avoid all the rust issues everyone mentions.