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  1. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    RHR Swag has them for 280.95 free shipping.
  2. Texas Sold: Hard Top Storage Bags

    Hard top panels storage bag. New, never used. JL came with two bags. Local pick up only.
  3. Diesel Fatal Flaw?

    I just checked it on my 2021 Rubicon, about 1/4” away from exhaust. It does have a metal bracket and zip tie attached to it keeping it away from exhaust. Guess issue was fixed on new JLs.
  4. Newbie Considering EcoDiesel order any advise?

    I’m just slightly over 10k miles on my 2021 JLUD. Haven’t had any issues since delivery. Have gone thru 2 DEF containers from Walmart. Currently at 75%. Seems like it’s sipping it now. JL is stock at the moment. Did install 315/70/17 KO2 tires at 3000 miles. Averaging 28-29 on highway going 65...
  5. AEV JL 2.5 Dualsport RT on an eco diesel

    10-4, thanks, congrats on retired at 51, ill be retiring at 51 also, 2 more years...
  6. AEV JL 2.5 Dualsport RT on an eco diesel

    Some lift kits recommend a spacer on top of spring to make up for the extra weight up front on the 3.0. An example "MC", read it on the "Lift Kit" thread.
  7. AEV JL 2.5 Dualsport RT on an eco diesel

    Has anyone installed the AEV 2.5 on an eco diesel? If so, are spacers needed?
  8. California For Sale 18+ AEV JL Diesel dualsport 2.5 lift kit

    Rubitrux has them in stock, cheaper.
  9. Texas Tazer JL Mini $250

    Is it still available?
  10. Which lift? Sport Ecodiesel

    Has anyone installed the Dynatrac EnduroSport on a Diesel?
  11. Utah Sold

    If u look at past posts not too long ago, one sold in Colorado and one in Florida for 180 including shipping. FYI.
  12. Utah Sold

    How much is it this month?
  13. Utah Sold

    Is unit still available?
  14. Texas Sold: Falken Wildpeak 285/70R17 MT

    Set of 5 tires off a 2021 Rubicon. 875 miles on them. 285/70R17 Mud Terrain. No nail damage nor sidewall damage. 900.00
  15. Texas Sold: FS:Teraflex 1.5

    New in box, Teraflex 1.5 Spacer Lift for a JL 4DR. 90.00 includes shipping.