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  1. Auto Stop/Start

    Thanks for the question, mate!
  2. Aftermarket soft top recommendations?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a soft top ? I took the hard top off for the first time this past weekend and that was a major inconvenience haha so i’m thinking bout buying a soft top, maybe the fastback version ?
  3. question on rear parking sensors

    I have replaced my plastic bumper with a westin wj2 steel bumper and had to drill out the spots for the rear sensors. I have been reading and see that there are lots of issues. but i have a few questions if anyone can help clarify some points: 1. do the sensors need to go in the same spot as...
  4. Anyone use the Mopar touchup paint pen?

    I have one and have a couple scratches I want to fix but can't seem to get it smooth. Any tricks to using it you can share? I want to share this service with professional casino tips It's gonna be extremely helpful for beginners and players who want to improve...
  5. Rock-trac question

    On a 2019 JLUR, is it correct that when the transfer case is put into 4hi the center differential in the transfer case is locked sending 50% power to each axle? Or is the transfer case an open differential on the rubicons? I became possible with best real money online casino in canada...
  6. Diesel Sahara vs Diesel Rubicon

    So when trying to build a new jeep the gears and 4WD rubicon systems arent selectable when picking the diesel. So my question and hang up is what are the true differences of the sahara vs the rubicon other than the wheels/tires, lockers, and swaybar disc? Functional differences. I've had my...
  7. Remove iDrive before servicing at dealer?

    Going to take my jlur in to have issue with 4x4 and stereo looked at, I'm disconnecting the jl mini tazer, but should I also remove the iDrive? Choose your best online casino 2021 here and start to play slots, poker or other casino games. Hurry up, you still can get your welcome...
  8. Instagram Pages

    Never had instagram page but I guess it's time to create one.
  9. One-Touch Power Top in wintry climate?

    Definitely agree. Nice ride btw.
  10. JL Welding Best Practices

    It's gonna look sick! Congratulations btw
  11. Rear end

    It happened with my friend, looks like it's common. Have you ever try online casino? I used to bplay poker a lot but since I tried blackjack I fell in love with this game. I've read some blackjack strategies here and now I can win good money. People know only...
  12. Who's Jeep

    Congratulations! I remember how happy I was when I bought my current ride.. Enjoy!
  13. Battery care, don’t drive it much question...

    Good question and a great answer!
  14. Broken Gas Cap?

    Don't worry, it's a common thing, easy to replace. I was planning a trip to this casino in hotel and it appeared that it's broken in my car. I went to the service and they fixed it in 5 minutes. So it didn't spoil our vacation at all and we had a great time playing casino.
  15. What are your plans for 2021 Jeep Adventures?

    So many places I have to see so I'm not sure yet. I want to go everywhere haha