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  1. AUX switches - Enabling with flashcal

    The 3571-JL for $250.00 is the one you want. that is what I use on my JL to activate DRL on my Rubicon fenders and the AUX switch's. Its great because I got rid of that stupid seatbelt chime ding too. The AUX switch's show up on your UCONNECT 8.4 screen too so I can change how the switches work...
  2. Hellion

    2019 JLU sport + built for my wife. Rubicon hi top fenders painted to match, Rubicon hood with functional vents and airbrushed "Hellion" name under clear coat. Rugged ridge tailgate reinforcement with modified tire mount to give it the slant to match the fast back. Trek top NX fast back top...
  3. Anyone have the AMP power steps on their JL?

    I mounted my switch in the driver side kick panel trim. Just above the removable access door to the wiring harness that you pull to take door off. With my jeep lifted its just a easy spot for me to hit the switch there when the doors are off. Thats the only time i use it and its not in a eye...
  4. Realistically how high is Mopar 2" lift

    I do like the design of the center mount RC that bolts the shocks to the pumpkin. Its a easy swap out and with the two shocks i have no wobble, shake or shimy at all with 35" tires on the JL.
  5. Anyone have the AMP power steps on their JL?

    I have them installed on my JL. I just added the manual activatuon switch for when the doors are off. I can hit the switch and the steps stilk come down when doors are off.
  6. AUX switches - Enabling with flashcal

    Latest Superchip Flashcal update has the Aux switch activation. As screen says on Flashcal cycle several times , by activating option 2 to 3 times for it to work. No need to take it to the dealership to have it flashed or sales code added.
  7. Realistically how high is Mopar 2" lift

    I have the Mopar lift on my 19' JLU. It rides great. I used the rock krawler spring pads instead of the new redesigned again mopar ones. I built mine with the Rancho HD adjustable front track bar as it has better bushings to handle more vibrations and it gave me the 1/4 inch i needed to recenter...
  8. Adding factory remote start to 6MT

    Flash Logic makes a Plug and play T harness remote start with the exception of two wires you have to connect for the remote start to work. You have to press your lock button 3 times for it to work. I installed in in my 2019 jlu. Whom ever you buy it through has to flash it and then it has to be...
  9. Upgrading from 5” unconnect 3 to 8.4” uconnect 4

    Antenna mounts to top of soundbar via dropping your dome light and running cable down right side b pillar to front. The XM and GPS antenna is built together into one unit. As follows Prices per 68293949AA Antenna $40.77 5064159AG Cable $23.92
  10. Florida Sold: 2019 JLU oem fender flares complete set.Non led.

    2019 JLU oem fender flares black textured complete with turn signals Non led.. and inner fenders. Front and rear set. 4 fenders and 4 inner fenders. $200 pickup from Englewood, Florida or pay shipping. Will be removing this week with 100 miles on parts.
  11. Florida 2019 JLU oem rear gate hinges painted crystal granite met.

    2019 JLU oem crystal granite mettalic rear gate hinges with tail gate torx bolts. 60 miles on parts. $50.00 pick up from Englewood, Fl. Or pay shipping.
  12. Florida Sold: 2019 JLU oem rear tire carrier.

    2019 JLU Stock mopar oem rear tire carrier. No camera, no 3rd brake light or lug nuts. Comes with camera tip locking cover. $50 pickup or pay shipping. Englewood, Florida.
  13. Florida 2019 JLU composite OEM headlights

    2019 OEM mopar JLU composite halogen left and right headlights. 60 miles on parts. $120 pick up from Englewood , Florida or you pay shipping.
  14. Florida 2019 JLU OEM aluminum hood. Granite crystal metallic.

    Englewood, Florida. Hour south of Tampa. Its a stock wrangler aluminum hood complete with under liner. Just no latches or under hood spring or latch.
  15. Florida 2019 JLU OEM aluminum hood. Granite crystal metallic.

    2019 JLU take off aluminum hood. Non Rubicon..100 miles on part. Painted factory granite crystal metallic with factory wrangler decals. $200 and you pick it up of pay for shipping.. Sarasota ,Florida
  16. Florida 2019 wrangler JLU 17" OEM take off wheels NEW..50 miles

    2019 Wrangler JLU stock 17" OEM take offs. Silver with stock Michelin tires that have 50 miles on them. Mounted with OEM tpms sensors and factory lugs, Comes with a mopar locking lug kit also. $500 pick up from Sarasota Florida.
  17. Florida Sold: 2019 JLU Grey dash panels. OEM Takeoffs

    2019 wrangler JLU drivers and passengers grey dash panel takeoffs. Will be removing in a day or so when reds come. $275.00 and ill pay shipping to lower 48.. I own a UPS store, so it will be shipped via UPS with Tracking and insurance.
  18. Florida 2019 JLU Black factory cloth seat cover take offs. NEW

    2019 wrangler JLU Black OEM cloth seat covers, Front and rear new.. 30 miles on them. $275.00 With free shipping to lower 48. Will go via UPS with tracking info.