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  1. Driving in the Snow - Traction Control On or Off?

    Leave it on for lightly covered roads that might be slippery. It’ll keep you straight. In deep snow, turn it off so you don’t get stuck. I got stuck in deep snow in our GC once, and I thought I was going to need a recovery. Turned off TC and it walked right out.
  2. 4WD Auto Sahara Unlimited Altitude - Wish I knew

    Just to add something to your thread... I lived near Fairbanks, AK when we got our JLUR, and we had our share of snow and ice. Honestly though, I was in 2wd most of the time. I used 4HI mainly for times when I was going to be accelerating on ice—from a stoplight or on-ramps. Holding speed and...
  3. My Jeep is “modifying” Me.

    Yep. Although I’ve been looking at off-road trailers for a while, the main thing it’s done is make think, “I bet I can make it over that.” I also don’t feel constrained by curbs, ditches or patches of non-pavement anymore.
  4. Paint or powdercoat exterior mod parts?

    POR 15 undercoat, bed liner topcoat. Super durable, able to be touched up.
  5. Advice regarding winch/bumper for a new off-roader

    There’s a ton of bumper options out there, so it really comes down to aesthetics, features like recessed winch plate and maybe width. I wanted more tire available to the terrain, so I went with a mid/stubby that opens the front of the tire up. It also came raw, which I wasn’t over the moon...
  6. 2" lift with 35s, any regrets with this set-up? Ideal set-up for 35s?

    Interested in how this turns out and your thoughts. Pretty much exactly what I want to do.
  7. Service axle locker system

    Awesome! Thanks for the info.
  8. Powder coat or spray paint steel bumper

    I went a different route, sorta best of both worlds. I used a Por 15 kit on my Barnes bumper. It comes with a degreaser, metal etcher and the final Por 15 coat. I’ve used this as a base on subframes on my Mini, too, and it’s tough as nails. After it dried, I used Rustoleum bed liner to complete...
  9. Service axle locker system

    Really don’t want to do that, but we’ll see. I’m going to look at the harnesses today and see what I can find. Luckily in my case it appears to be just an indication issue. Good luck with yours!
  10. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Wow! That’s not encouraging news. On the positive side, it does seem to back up a wiring issue. I’m curious about the DCU, but sounds like it didn’t do anything for you. I wish you luck and hopefully we’ll both get it fixed.
  11. Service axle locker system

    I do get the message, then it turns into just the dash light. This started happening a couple of days ago and has been consistent. The only time I haven’t had the light was after putting it in 4H, engaging the lockers, then disengaging. The light went away for about 20 seconds, but the OR pages...
  12. Service axle locker system

    Copying a post I made in the issues forum in case the increased traffic in this one poses a potential fix. There’s some smart people in here, and I’m hoping someone has an idea. Just developed this “service axle locker system” issue after 12K miles, Aug 2018 build. I’m going to take a look at...
  13. “Service Axle Locker System” Light On

    Just developed this problem, too, after 12K miles, Aug 2018 build. I’m going to take a look at the wiring this weekend as that seems the likely culprit, but found some interesting things in diagnosing it. First, warning light comes on and has stayed on. Next, it seems the lockers are working...
  14. 2" Lift Kits for a 2018 Jeep JL Sahara

    Rancho has one at half the cost of the Mopar.
  15. Why did you buy a Jeep?

    Funny, I feel the same way! My last of 5 Bugs was a ‘59 ragtop. I loved just driving it, especially with the top open. Definitely took the long way and enjoyed it, even in the AZ summer. The Jeep provides a similar, fun, simple experience, but in a far more modern and comfortable package. I...
  16. Altitude as a daily drive

    I daily a Rubicon after 2 years in a GC and feel the same way. Not sure what the fuss is’s really a great ride!
  17. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    I do. It smooths out the ride quite a bit. In fact, I use Swaykill on road around town because they wind up being covered in hardpack and get really bumpy from the plows. As for the steps, you just have to be at a complete stop, push the button and look at the display to verify it’s happening...
  18. Is it just me or do the headlights suck?

    I bought the 8K fanless Beamtechs. I just figured a fan is just one more thing to break. The output and pattern is great! You can also rotate the bulb to get the cutoff right. I’ve been flashed with the halogens and the Beamtechs, but after adjusting them, it hasn’t happened. Great upgrade plus...
  19. Just back from 2 weeks in Europe and spotted 2 JLU's

    I was surprised when I saw a couple of JKs in China. Did not see that coming.