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  1. Katzkin leather for JL Wrangler

    Hi, is there an update on a group buy? Thanks
  2. Katzkin leather for JL Wrangler

    I'd be getting Black & Red. I want to get leather to help with the dog hair :)
  3. Katzkin leather for JL Wrangler

    They look so nice. I'm thinking of getting Katzkin also, but I keep hearing how hot they get in the summer with the top off, but they look so nice. Could you take a picture of the back of the seats? I'd like to see what they look like. Thank You
  4. Katskin Leather

    I'm going to hold off as long as possible before putting the hard top back on and I'll keep trying to keep the top down, keep the heat on, the seat warmer on and keep the steering wheel heating :) Please let us know how the seats come out and where you had them installed. I'm in NJ so depending...
  5. Katskin Leather

    Question for those that switched to leather, are you glad you did? Mine are cloths seats and I really want the Katzkin leather, but other jeeper friends keep saying how hot leather gets in the summers with the top down, and I want the top down as often as possible. But I so love the look of...
  6. Alien Sunshade Customer Showcase and Gallery

    My JL is Firecracker red, does anyone know what matches the best, black, cherry red or lava? Thanks
  7. Introducing Custom Fit Cup Holder, Radio, and Dash Liners – 9 color options

    Can we comment more than once :giggle::giggle::giggle:
  8. Introducing Custom Fit Cup Holder, Radio, and Dash Liners – 9 color options

    Thank you, I'm going to order but I'll have to wait to comment to be the 19th or 41st person :). Hopefully, I'll get is sooner than October :clap:
  9. Introducing Custom Fit Cup Holder, Radio, and Dash Liners – 9 color options

    Thank you for the quick response. Is there any sale on pre-ordering these now?
  10. Introducing Custom Fit Cup Holder, Radio, and Dash Liners – 9 color options

    If I pre-order the ones for the Sahara is there an ETA when they will be shipped?
  11. Trails in NJ?

    Sent you a PM with more info for NJ events
  12. Trails in NJ?

    If your around tonight (Friday) go to Quaker steak and lube on Rt 1 from 6-10. There will be lots of Jeeps and Jeep people there, you can’t miss it
  13. Trails in NJ?

    Nothing legal that is close to Edison, I'm in Old bridge and have checked. You can go south to Wharton, they have trails there that are legal. About 2 ½ hours away is Rausch, they have many trails there, I went once but rode shotgun, didn’t want to take my new JL. Another place is AOAA Trails...
  14. Katzkin leather for JL Wrangler

    I was going to start looking at Katzkin leather but if you are putting a group buy together I will wait. Will we be able to custom order the leather we want with a group buy and who would install it, an authorized dealer?
  15. Sahara grille inserts (painting different color)

    I painted the the silver trim around the grill this weekend, came out great and need to do the same for the silver around the fog lights. Why did you use plastic dip instead of paint and how many cans of plastic dip did you use? I’d also like to make the side Jeep & Sahara emblems Black, any...
  16. Hardtop headliner

    Did you do this or did you bring this someplace to have it done? This sounds like it looks nicer then the standard liners
  17. [CA] Where can I get the best financing outside of the dealership?

    That's what I'm doing. I will have enough in the checking account every month to pay for the loan.