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  1. 7 days in the U.P. of Michigan, Drummond Island, Au Train, and Cooper Harbor. Lets go Wheeling. Picture and video Heavy.

    Cool trip, thanks for sharing. I absolutely LOVE the picture of your group all towing their little trailers :like:
  2. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    Skyline is some of the best spring snow wheeling around... Bring your big boy pants :rock:
  3. Thanksgiving in Moab?

    We always stay at a VRBO over by the golf course, works out great for us because we usually have at least one other family with us and sharing a house just makes the social time so much more enjoyable as compared to separate hotel rooms. This was my boy back in 2013, at ripe old age of eight...
  4. Thanksgiving in Moab?

    We go every year for Thanksgiving as well. My son turns 16 in early November and wanted to take his Jeep to Moab this year, certainly can't say no to that request :like:
  5. Rubicon trip report

    Looks like you had a great time!! I've run it several times and I'll stand by my initial observation in that some of the best wheeling lies in the section between Wentworth and the intersection with the entrance from Loon... 99% of people bypass this section but in my opinion, if you're making...
  6. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    A few of us went up and ran Fortune Creek up to Gallaher Lake last weekend. Some beautiful country up there:
  7. Washington Trails Meetup & Run

    We wheel the Naches area frequently.... FS-1708 is known as Milk Creek and is a gravel road up to the point where it intersects with FS-590, which is easy to miss but you'll know you are there because of the dirt speed bumps... From that point you are technically on 4W686 which climbs up to...
  8. Washington Trails lets hear your favorite

    When we moved up here from AZ, by far the best resource I found online was this website: NWJEEPN WEBSITE Lots of great write-ups, maps, and even GPS coordinates. I still find myself referencing some of these maps even though I've now been wheeling the same areas for nearly two decades.
  9. Washington Trails lets hear your favorite

    My favorite trail is probably the WABDR, and that is simply because of how diverse it is. We had an absolute blast when we ran it a couple of years ago and I would do it again tomorrow. I've never been to Walker or Reiter, but I do frequent the Manastash/Rim Rock/Naches areas. The Naches...
  10. Shop for Customer Supplied Lift Kit Install - East WA or NE OR?

    Hey Kev!! We still need to get together for a reunion tour sometime in the very near future!
  11. Shop for Customer Supplied Lift Kit Install - East WA or NE OR?

    You bet! When we first moved to this area, we found and joined the local off road club. It's called the Peak Putters, and they have monthly meetings and several organized runs throughout the year. We moved from here to Southern Idaho for a few years, and when we came back we didn't rejoin the...
  12. Shop for Customer Supplied Lift Kit Install - East WA or NE OR?

    Not much in the way of off-road oriented shops around us here in the Columbia Basin... That said, there are plenty of us who wrench on our own junk and have been doing so for 30+ years. I'd be happy to help, or recommend a few other buddies that would/could as well.
  13. Trail Report: SJM & Moab

    Awesome report!! We ran all of the same SJM area trails about 10 days prior to your trip. Had to laugh at your misfortune exiting Poughkeepsie and ending up in Lake City... That takes a hot minute, and Lake City is pretty much the dead center middle of nowhere :CWL: BTW, you would have run...
  14. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    I love road trip shenanigans!!! :giggle:
  15. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Summit of Black Bear: Summit of Imogene: Northern entrance to Poughkeepsie, which was still closed Saturday morning so we continued on Mineral Springs up and around to Animas Forks, and then took California Gulch up to Como Lake and entered Poughkeepsie from that side. We ran into the...
  16. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Just got back last night. We ran Black Bear and Poughkeepsie, among many others. The work party on 7-18-2020 was a great success, we had a nice chat with the Forest Service and number of the folks who participated in the work party. We rolled up to "the wall" just as the work party group was...
  17. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Dang... sounds like the 18th is a big day for Black Bear and Poughkeepsie... we are going to be a week too early this year :crying: Ah well, just a good excuse to come back again next year!
  18. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    I built it... Started with a cheap Harbor Freight hitch rack, cut it down to the dimensions I wanted, glued it back together, made a couple cross bars out of 1x1 thin wall box tube, and called it macaroni.
  19. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Thanks!! Just read the FS website and it says Poughkeepsie is closed INDEFINITELY due to repeated cutting of the gate locks and off-trail damage?! :mad::mad::mad: