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  1. 2020 JLUR Gas Mileage

    I just hit 1000 miles. I am getting 17 mpg driving mostly country roads on the weekends.
  2. Yellow ESS light on and start stop not working

    My ESS warning light on new 2020 jlu has been on since my purchase 3 weeks ago. I did not notice it at first with all the excitement of finally buying one after about 15 years of procrastinating. (my first vehicle in the 70's was a CJ7 Renegade) I started doing some searches and have tried and...
  3. Best sounding Cold Air Intake??

    I ended up with the S&B CAI. Simple install and you can take the plexiglass lid off for a little extra sound.
  4. Borla or Magnflow?

    I also got the Borla "S" type. I like the sound, not too loud at all, especially at cruising speed.