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  1. Proper way to hook winch to battery

    I’ve seen some debate as to how to hook up your winch to the battery, specifically which pole the (+) connection should go on. What’s everyone’s opinion on this? I currently have my connected like this, but some posts I’ve read have indicated that it should be going on the middle pole or you...
  2. Tailgate hinge mount hi-lift jack holder

    Looks like you’re probably right on this. Even the tailgate reinforcements don’t do anything to alleviate the pressure on the hinge (at least not the one I looked at). If the weight limit was due to a limit at the hinge, then these tailgate reinforcements would’t do anything to fix the problem...
  3. Tailgate hinge mount hi-lift jack holder

    I have a similar situation (created a post about it, but can’t seem to delete it now that I’ve found this). I have a stock spare tire and a 48” Hi-Lift jack mount on the tailgate hinge. I started seeing the debate of whether a reinforcement was needed or if the tailgate was strong enough for a...
  4. Hi-Lift Jack mounted and tailgate weight limit

    Hey guys, last night I stumbled across the debate of “does the tailgate have an 85lbs weight limit?” , and it got me thinking. I have a stock spare on my JL unlimited sport, with a 48” Hi-Lift Jack mounted to the tailgate hinge. I don’t have any reinforcements, simply because I never thought...
  5. Modification Weight and Acceleration

    I think you guys might be right. I think it might be a case of me watching the MPG meter (I know it’s not 100% accurate), seeing it take a slight hit from what I was used to before the mods and trying to compensate by giving it less power. I’ve been known to get inside my own head a time or...
  6. Modification Weight and Acceleration

    I went back and look at the shipment weights of each of the items, and it looks like my calculations were off. The total weight is slightly over 200lbs. ( amazon originally listed the steps as a total weight of 75lbs, but that’s roughly the weight of each step). Again, the only thing I can...
  7. Modification Weight and Acceleration

    At what point (weight wise) would you think a difference would noticed ?
  8. Modification Weight and Acceleration

    Nope, no new tires, just the front bumper and steps. Maybe it’s mental, but it sure seems like I can feel the extra weight as I’m driving.
  9. Modification Weight and Acceleration

    Hey guys! For Christmas I received a new EAG steel bumper and a pair of Smittybilt steel steps. After getting them put on and taking the Jeep for a spin, I noticed that the acceleration is rather sluggish. Now I realize that any added weight is going to cause some performance issues, but the...
  10. Best paint repair kits

    Would you say it works as well/looks as good as the videos on their website show? It’s looks super easy, but curious if it truly looks as good as the low resolution videos claim lol.
  11. Best paint repair kits

    This looks like it would be pretty easy to use, but they don’t ship outside of Canada, and with me living in the US, that’s going to be an issue. With that being said, have you ever tried the Mopar pen? Curious how this type of kit compares. Looks like the pen might be the way I need to go.
  12. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Has anyone found/put in seat covers with orange accents? I’ve been looking for something to put on my seats that are good fitting, but can’t seem to find anything for the Punk’n JLs that have any orange in them.
  13. Best paint repair kits

    Hey guys, i’ve got a couple very small chips in my Punk’n Jeeps hood, what are some recommendations for paint repair kits. I’d prefer something idiot proof, as I can be an idiot at times lol. Anyone have experience with the mopar pens? is there something better out there?
  14. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    Seems like some backwards logic... take the smaller screen and make their Apple Carplay even smaller lol.
  15. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    What size screen do you have? It’s my understanding that the 8.4 in display utilizes a full screen Apple Carplay, while the 7in displays like the picture above.
  16. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    I’m not even looking for a “full” screen necessarily, I just want the wasted space gone. There’s no need to have the temperature always visible ... or at least while using that much space. Use the circled space below and I’ll be a happy camper @JeepCares
  17. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    I’m sure there hasn’t been much of an update to this since the last time someone posted, but I was curious as to if an update was made, how would Jeep go about pushing the update? Would it be an over the air type thing where it just updates automatically or would you have to go to the dealership...
  18. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    Glad to know I’m not the only one having this issue. Seems odd, especially since this is the factory radio that markets itself as CarPlay compatible. On some of the BMW sites, I read that they had to pay someone to reprogram the radio to accept full screen CarPlay... hoping this is just some...
  19. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    Hey guys, after 8 long months of being jeepless, I purchased a 2018 JL Unlimited Sport last night (feels good to be back!). I was excited that it comes with Apple CarPlay, but have noticed that when CarPlay is on it only uses about 2/3 of the screen. I found that this is an issue with some...