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  1. Ideas on mounting the GoPro outside the Jeep.

    I think your limiting factor is battery. I have a 128GB card and at 1080p60 it says I can get 8hrs40m. I still had about 1/4 battery after a couple hours. I’m using a Apeman Trawo. Love the GoPros but man that’s a lot of dough and I’d be worried about breaking it or losing it. Apeman does a good...
  2. Ideas on mounting the GoPro outside the Jeep.

    I mounted mine to the driver side freedom panel on the hard top as close to center as possible. Just hit it with some alcohol wipes and stuck it to it. Held nicely and gave a decent perspective. Just watch out for those low bridges. For surfaces that don’t stick so well I’d look toward zip ties.
  3. Skid plates: MetalCloak Steel vs. Quadratec Aluminum

    Nope. None so far. Did a pretty much vertical climb and some pretty nasty ledges. They glide like butter. Slid across a big hump Sunday and did great.
  4. Skid plates: MetalCloak Steel vs. Quadratec Aluminum

    Got to test them out on a trail. I can say the whole “steel glides better” is bull. Another guy has aluminum as well who does some serious trails agreed. I came down on mine and they glide like butter and only leave a little trail of aluminum dust. Couldn’t be happier. My MC diff skid got a...
  5. Colorado 2018 JLUR suspension, control arms, coils, sway bar links. $250

    All the stock components from when I installed my lift and suspension. I’d take pictures but they’re boxed up and organized. Never touched dirt and had about 10k miles on them when removed. Pickup only in Colorado Springs. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  6. Huge improvements coming for CarPlay in iOS 13

    So I believe there’s a workaround, but for google maps. You can download offline maps, then go on your computer and add map layers to my maps. If it will accept gpx files we’re in business. Biggest downside I see is you just need to make sure you plan ahead for what trails you’re doing. I...
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Solved the 37 in the cargo issue so I could get my seats back. Did a test drive and it’s rock solid. The excessive industries is awesome, but wasn’t happy about having to take the top off to remove it.
  8. How’s your ride on 37s?

    Ride is great. Trying to diagnose a small shimmy when I hit those bridge transition dips, but I’m pretty certain it’s a toe issue. Not serious but might go 1/8” in and see if that eliminates it. Running cooper st maxx and love them. Smooth and quiet on road, and amazing traction off road.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Just installed Motobilt differential covers. Love them. Went with Valvoline 75w140.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed American Adventure Lab spare delete kit. Huge difference in handling, acceleration, braking after getting the 37 off the back. Still looking for an elegant solution for carrying it in the cargo area. Excessive industries gate keeper is my favorite but not happy about losing all the...
  11. Skid plates: MetalCloak Steel vs. Quadratec Aluminum

    Holding up fine. Just drove from FL to CO and no issues. Should start some trails soon now that’s it’s warm.
  12. Colorado Sold: Stock 2018 JLUR muffler $50

    Stock muffler from my JLUR. Put high clearance on and don’t need it. Taking up garage space, $50. Pick up only in Colorado Springs
  13. Colorado JLUR OEM rock rails $100

    Dropped price to $100
  14. Colorado Sold: JLUR OEM rock rails $100

    Stock rock rails that came with my JLU. Comes with all mounting hardware. Perfect condition. Pick up only. I’m in Colorado Springs North Powers area.
  15. 37" Tire Poll

    What I ended up going with. Great tire, ride nice, quiet, wearing even, and balanced well. Got them for the same reason, wanted something that would perform well in the snow and rain. So far they handled heavy rain better than my KO2s.
  16. Hi-Lift vs Bottle Jack off-road?

    I’ve mentioned it a couple times on the forums, but seriously considering a porta power. Seems like it could handle both issues along with a few other things like trail damage. I just can’t decide on brand. Super Deal Porta Power Hydraulic Jack Repair Tool Kit Power Set Auto Tool, 10 Ton...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yeah so far they’re great. Install was very easy, quality is great, but haven’t had a chance to take them off road yet. The crossmembers are very strong and well built.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put the VKS informant sliders on. Real solid. Didn’t have a right angle drill so couldn’t get the top holes but I’ll hit them later. Went with Herculiner since it’ll be easy to patch and textured. Shame, because the welds on them were flawless. Really happy with these and no doubt can take a...
  19. Harbor Freight sale Friday through Sunday

    I know it seems like they're always having some sale. Installing some sliders this weekend and needed a floor jack and moving to Colorado next week so timing was perfect for the blankets and ratchet straps. I keep eyeballing their porta power as an alternative to a bottle jack or hi lift, but...