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  1. California Sold: 2018 JLUR For Sale 45k

    Its white underneath the Green Wrap. I have special quick detail for the matte Vinyl Wrap, that I will include. This jeep has always had the stock suspension setup. It has around 29k miles on it, still under factory warranty till early next year. I have many extra's for the interior that I...
  2. California Sold: FS Baja Designs Jeep JL, Fog Pocket Kits

    Installed them used them for one trip and never used again, on the Jeep for 20k but never really used. Im in So Cal OC so if you want to come pick them up, 250 OBO. Please PM me here if interested, Thanks. Link below is what the specifics of the light setup was for the lights i bought. Also...
  3. Hard top wind noise

    Well mine almost does it all the time now, still have no clue what it is
  4. Floor plugs letting water

    Not Sure if the have the Mopar Rubber Floor mats but there is a supposed to be a new part number with some foam around the drain. Im not sure if it helps but it cant be any worse lol.
  5. Hard top wind noise

    So after messing with the freedom panels, it still does it. But its intermittent, but sometimes it does it a lot and its just crazy noisy. The dealer said that it would be hard to find if its intermittent, they didnt look at it the first time cause the issue resolved itself after fiddling with...
  6. Hard top wind noise

    yeah I think I found a youtube video of it. I have not adjusted it cause i dont want to make things worse. I took the alien sunshade off to get a better look at things, but all the seals and everything seem fine, I might try some soapy water on the seals and a leaf blower to see if i can...
  7. Hard top wind noise

    Yeah I meant the Freedom Panels sorry.
  8. Hard top wind noise

    I scheduled a time 2 weeks out with the dealer, in that time I went off road with the tops off and when i put the tops back on the sound went away. So the dealer knew and by the time i got it to them it was gone, so I didnt have them look at it. After getting it back from the dealer for...
  9. Hard top wind noise

    I too am battling some noise from windshield or hardtop. I made a short clip on it, its driving me nuts, so nuts it makes me want to sell this thing. I have not adjusted any of the bolts where the top clamps too, from looking at everything it looks pretty even and there is no gap between the...
  10. What Octane Gas Are You Going To Put In Your JL?

    I have the same issue as you, but here in California we only have crappy 91.
  11. JL Sliding Roof Rack

    Is there an email list we can add ourselves to so we can be informed of when this is released?
  12. Teraflex Steering Stabilizer

    Anyone planning on getting this? Man the price is steep, I wonder if its better the the Fox Steering Stabilizer.
  13. 2018 Rubicon Unlimited JL FS So Cal Area 46k

    Not For Sale anymore. Sorry :(
  14. Experience w/ Jeep Dealer Service (recall)

    Did they at least call you back to tell you it would take 4 days and give you a loaner? Recently I took my jeep in for an oil change, tire rotation, and the recall for the cruise control. Um my dealer never called me back to tell me it was going to be multiple days. I dropped my car off on...
  15. Post your positive uplifting new ownership experiences

    I just drove my JLUR coast to coast and now have 8800 miles on it, in less than 3 months and everything is fine. Did lots of offroading too, have not been gentle with it and I love every minute of driving this thing. I daily drive it too. No issues at all!
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I installed some Baja Designs lights. OMG they are bright!!!!
  17. Baja Designs JL fog light kit and 10" Rigid E Series Pro

    How much much brighter are the Baja Design lights than the stock fog LED ones?
  18. @outdoortree overland build

    Im like you I hate trash on the trail. Im always picking up trash. I have that mopar tailgate table and love it. Have eaten a many lunches on the back of it.
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    LOL I meant all the other stuff he has on order, the gobi rack and the ikamper and not just the wench haha, I dont have the funds to buy all that stuff at once.