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  1. Gaia GPS is now on Android Auto... Finally.

    Its unfortunately Android (aka Google) that's the hold up. Jeep has nothing to do with it. Although some sort of Uconnect integration would be cool. Its significantly more complicated and expensive to build android apps compared to IOS. That's why you usually see Apple Car Play integration...
  2. Amazing discovery for camping in jeep! Or, the Lazy Man's platform.

    Always love seeing DIY setups. Cot looks like it fits well. It it solid, especially sitting on the seat back, or do you get a little movement? Side note, the storage of your gear gives me anxiety. :whew: I'm sure you have a method to your madness but dang, I don't think I would be able to find...
  3. I never thought I’d say this

    So true. I can't wait for fall, although it normally lasts only a couple of weeks here. It's been a brutal summer. We are planning on moving to Gig Harbor next year. Looking forward to it . Visiting again this winter for a little bit to check out the climate, although I'm sure if the last 1.5...
  4. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    These are amazing lights! Definitely worth the entry for the contest! Thanks KC!
  5. Best combo for reliability?

    There is still time. OP posted yesterday at 7:13pm (or depending on your time zone).
  6. Best combo for reliability?

    I would say drive both and go with the one you most prefer. Doesn't matter which option, take care of your stuff and prepare for possible repairs/costs in the future. If you can't financial prepare for that, then seriously consider something more in budget. Also...I seriously question why there...
  7. DIY Goose Gear Style Platform

    Great job with this build. I love the attention to detail. Looking forward to seeing the latches installed and paint.
  8. Does adding a snorkel negatively effect trade in later

    Sounds good. Truthfully though going the route of the rugged ridge option, or similar no cut options, would probably benefit dust as well. Even a shorty snorkel. Not sure if you can get a cyclone/pre filter style for them though.
  9. A Wrangler Owner/Enthusiast/Builder honest review of the 2021 Bronco -- long.

    Completely agree. Sort of wish any talk about the Bronco (or any other vehicle for that matter that is not a Jeep) would be moved to the 'Other Vehicles/General Automotive' section of the lounge.
  10. Does adding a snorkel negatively effect trade in later

    Although I generally agree with what has been said about hurting resale, atleast in America, snorkels are generally not installed for deep water crossing. Infact most sellers including AEV state that. They are mostly installed, atleast by those that are not looking only as aesthetics, to provide...
  11. Gaia GPS is now on Android Auto... Finally.

    You're correct, prior to the update, you could not use Gaia within Android Auto.
  12. Gaia GPS is now on Android Auto... Finally.

    Just seeing the email from Gaia this morning. Looking forward to trying it this evening after work. Have been waiting for this feature. Gaia GPS and Android Auto
  13. Help me with my "offroad basics" mods list

    Based on what you have said here, I would be careful of falling into the hype of getting gear to get gear. Especially with a tight budget. Apart from the "offroad park or doing trails...4 times/year", your really not going to need a lot of gear. I would instead focus on some basic items, like a...
  14. Goose Gear Assistance Needed

    Have no experience with Goose Gears setup, as I went the AAL route. This video is by AAL, around the 2:30 min mark he talks about the fridge limitations with the JL rear seat. Thought it might be helpful, even a little for your search. Looks like dometic might be the best choice right now...
  15. Tailgate Table - compare

    Along with the others that have posted about it, the Outback Adventure Products tailgate table is a solid and well built table. I have no rattle. Will last the life of the Jeep and then some.
  16. Camp stove

    Yeah it looks to be built for life. Only concern was I read that it doesn't work well for fine control of the burner, mainly just on/off. Is that true? Is there a good range that allows for control?
  17. Camp stove

    I have a friend that has offered to sell his Partner 2 burner to me but I'm waiting to see if GSI releases there new Pinnacle Pro stove first. I'm really interested in the thin and light design of it. If they do end up releasing it, being 1.4" think would make packing so nice.
  18. tell me what I just saw:

    Going from your description it was probably one of these: Ursa Minor J30
  19. Why Tommy from TFL bought a Wrangler instead of a Bronco (or 4Runner)

    Username checks out. 😄 No trailer, just skip through it, I'm sure you can save some time.
  20. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Very much considering this carrier but wondering about the camera mount. The 2021's supposedly have a slightly different rear camera (I have the trailcam as well which might be why the rear is different). Does your carrier work with the different camera? Thanks