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  1. Filling (DEF) Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank without Overflow

    Mine just turned 5,000 miles and I have consumes 5 Gallons. 1K miles a gallon was spot on for me.
  2. 4200 Miles, and zero oil

    Mine just turned 5000 miles old and the oil has been slowly disappearing from the engine. I just added a quart today. I will watch the next 5000 miles and see if I continue to consume oil or not. I think most people have the same experience.
  3. Lost backup camera guide lines

    I sure am jealous. Everyone is getting the update and I was told I MUST bring it to a dealer based on my OS version. I was also told it would be later this year before that option would be available. Any new status on the status @JeepCares?
  4. Have all the JL problems been worked out for '21?

    Welcome to the "No backup lines club" or random backup lines. Some have made a drinking game out of it if they show up or not. There is a long thread about it at : A reboot of the Uconnect system always fixes...
  5. Have all the JL problems been worked out for '21?

    The number one issue that I have had so far is the random backup lines with the 8.4" screen. Drives me crazy and Jeep has a fix, but I have to wait for my "special: code version, as it cannot be OTA. I have two a JL (3.6L) and a JLU (3.0 eco diesel). I have had a few random issues with the...
  6. Backup Camera issue

    So @donmontalvo, I had an exchange with Uconnect folks today and was told the following: "with your application version being QR39.3 its not going to be a update to the radio via FOTA but as a dealer update that we hope to be releasing soon " Looks like you are in the same boat. I am back to...
  7. Backup Camera issue

    Good tip @JimmyZ My application version is 39.3 then. Nothing like keeping it simple, right? @Djzjeep22 - It been 24 hours. All good so far??? My software version is 20.45.12 as FYI. - cheers all, This is a great group to be a part of!!!
  8. Backup Camera issue

    Good point @OldGuyNewJeep. I do not see the application versions listed, even in dealer mode. Guess we will see. Who has the latest update???
  9. Backup Camera issue

    Interesting, as mine is 20.45.12, but the Uconnect site says I am current. Kinda makes one wonder. 39.6 seems to be the one with the 'fix'. This is a lot like waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine. It's here, now you have to wait your turn.
  10. Backup Camera issue

    ~woot~ Let's hope. Thank you for posting Courtney. I see that the latest SW version per your post will be 39.6. Interesting, as I just checked mine and I am at 20.45.12. That is a lot of versions... Push push!!! Any idea on the landing date for OTA based on vehicle VIN?
  11. Backup Camera issue

    What version is your Uconnect at now?
  12. Backup Camera issue

    Me neither. Anyone else receiving updates? I escalated my case with Uconnect and @JeepCares last week. Hoping to hear something back. Pulled the trailer the other day and had to choose to reboot system to get lines to return or guess on the center (at least the camera works). First world...
  13. Backup Camera issue

    I have been very patient on this fix. Unfortunately, I about lost it yesterday. I got a call from Uconnect from the results of my new Jeep survey. After some research on their side, I was told that the fix SHOULD be before year end 2021.... Come on... If this is truly a software fix, then...
  14. Badge of Honor Placement

    Nice! I see some Windrock badges there! #26 was my first! I like it and will see where others put theirs.
  15. Badge of Honor Placement

    Okay, so I bought a Jeep (2 actually) and am one of the 3% that has taken it off road. Now I have earned two Badges of Honor and I am pretty stoked about it. Now I have a question... Where should I place my Badge of Honor on my Jeep? Tailgate? Which side? How much room should I leave for...
  16. Backup Cam Guide Lines Gone

    An update will appear on your Uconnect system (providing it is not too large and requires a trip to the dealer) and will prompt you for an update. Will take about an hour and should be fixed. That is the promise.
  17. Lost backup camera guide lines

    @JEEPIDON - I consider your response rude, uneducated, and opinionated. Your post had no value and there have been prior class action suits based on functionality. Granted that this may seem trivial to you, but to others, it is essential.
  18. Backup Camera issue

    @onpatrol99 - You got something major going on there. This is way deeper than just the backup lines. Your radio has NOT been replaced? That seems like the obvious fix to me! I would be very upset if mine were like that.
  19. Any aftermarket wiring harness regrets?

    Come on and spend lots of money here. Very fun place to be! Playoffs again for the Preds! ~woot~ Cheers. Enjoy Nashvegas.
  20. Any aftermarket wiring harness regrets?

    Interesting @csjlu. I recently purchased this Curt wiring harness for my flat tow purposes and will install it in the next two weeks. It looks different than the one you show but has all the electronics in it (dildoes, etc.)...