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  1. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    After experiencing what many have reported, I fixed the stupid clicking noise up front. It was annoying in parking lots to be turning at low speed and hear "click click click" like a torque wrench. Simple fix though. Pull the cotter pins from the lower ball joint crown nut, give it a 1/6th turn...
  2. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    Added front and rear glide plates after smacking the diff a few times while wheeling. Originally I'd wanted the Rancho set front and rear but Rancho decided they don't support the casting of the front Dana 44 on the 2021 which would have required a 1" longer u-bolt. So instead I picked up the...
  3. Texas 2021 JLU Rubicon Take-offs

    Yeah, it's the front, sorry. :(
  4. Texas 2021 JLU Rubicon Take-offs

    658/659 589/590
  5. Texas 2021 JLU Rubicon Take-offs

    Yep, $200 for coils and shocks.
  6. Texas 2021 JLU Rubicon Take-offs

    Sounds good. $250 for the coils, shocks, control arms, sway bar links, track bars, and steering dampener. If you need fewer than those parts let me know. Happy to separate further.
  7. Texas 2021 JLU Rubicon Take-offs

    No, but the parts included are.
  8. Texas 2021 JLU Rubicon Take-offs

    Coils, shocks, control arms, sway bar links, track bars, shocks, steering dampener, and driveshaft. All removed at 2,051 miles. $300. Local pickup. Leander, Texas.
  9. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    New badges and name tags can go on now. Magnus has earned the name. But there's still more to come!
  10. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    Regearing to 5.13 means that Magnus can maintain 8th gear at highway speeds. Baldy's Jeep Shop does some incredible work here with the regearing!
  11. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    With a Metalcloak Game Changer 3.5 lift and Mickey Thompson 37s, Magnus is finally starting to earn the name. Special thanks to Baldy's Jeep Shop for the guidance on this part of the build.
  12. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    Synthetic winch line is oh so much lighter. And the Warn epic winch hook completes the look. Replacing that boring factory plate with the matching Fab Fours sway bar cover cleans up the undercarriage as well.
  13. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    With a Borla exhaust, Magnus brings a throaty rumble to the meetups, even though it's still the 3.6 under the hood.
  14. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    The dash bar and assorted phone, GoPro and radio mounts are essential kit for wheeling.
  15. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    The Diabolical Slipstream provides significant advantages in security and utility for the rear cargo area.
  16. Magnus 2021 JLUR Build

    Lots of posing, fully dressed and naked, even before Magnus was lifted and fitted with new tires.