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  1. Washington CavFab - Jeep JL Elite Series Body Mounted Spare Tire Carrier - $700

    Brand new and locally powder coated black. Cav fab ships these raw steel only. This tire carrier has never been mounted. $700 local pickup only.
  2. DIY Centerforce flywheel and clutch install

    Very intrigued about what the scoop is on these. Really hope they are squared away so I can pick one up.
  3. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    That's really helpful to the thread...thanks
  4. 3.6L "Hiccup"

    Hey guys, just found this thread while trying to see if anyone is experiencing the same issue as me. Just like you guys I'm experiencing a "hesitation", "hiccup", whatever you want to call it, in 3rd gear. My Jeep is a 2021 JLUR 6 speed, built in May. I'll be watching this thread for updates to...
  5. American Adventure Lab's base and fridge slide

    Has anyone successfully made a ARB 63 or 82 slide fit on this platform? I'm dying to pick one up but have a ARB 63 and looks like it'll come up short by about an inch.
  6. Ultimate Dana 60s - Traction Control Code After Swap

    Correction, it is throwing traction control code. Apparently shop thinks abs is the driver for the code?
  7. Ultimate Dana 60s - Traction Control Code After Swap

    Hey guys, anyone know how to fix Traction control code being thrown after putting in UD60s?
  8. Fuel pump kill switch

    Anyone have any idea where the fuel pump relay is? Might just interrupt that circuit with a kill switch.
  9. Fuel pump kill switch

    @Left Field am I wrong in that the fuse necessary "F04 – Fuel Pump MTR/FPCM 20 Amp Yellow – Micro" located in the fuse box near the battery, is a micro and I can't find any "micro" extensions available online. Looks like the smallest is the "mini".
  10. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    I am now fully convinced something is going on here. The Jeep will shift just fine on my commute to work and then shift terribly on the way home and vise versa. I had a forum member drive my Jeep yesterday and he said it felt fine and I agreed and shifted it just fine on that drive. Today it is...
  11. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    Thanks again for coming over and taking it for a spin. I appreciate you taking the time. 🍻
  12. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    What's the secret that you discovered after researching?
  13. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    I'm 6 pages deep into searching and still can't find any procedure for JL clutch bleed. Can you point me in the right direction?
  14. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    Any chance we can meet up so that you can take mine for a spin and make sure it's acting the same as yours? I really don't think this is a getting used to it kind of deal but would love to have that validated.
  15. Terrible Clutch on Brand New JLUR Has Me Really Frustrated

    Hey guys, I'm the proud owner of a new JLUR - Billet 3.6 6MT that I factory ordered back in May. I am over the moon on everything about my Jeep...with one glaring issue. This clutch is absolutely terrible. I have been driving manuals for 20+ years of all sorts and I've never had such issues as...
  16. Opinions on the manual transmission

    How does the centerforce do for crawling?
  17. Opinions on the manual transmission

    My Jeep is brand new from the factory. Is this something that I should take in as warranty issue or they are all like this?
  18. Opinions on the manual transmission

    Hey guys, After a long month of waiting I picked up my new 2021 JLUR this weekend. I love the rig and I'm so happy with my purchase...with the exception of the engagement point on this clutch. I don't know if its just because I've never had a brand new vehicle or if it is just these Jeeps but...
  19. Best LED Headlight Recommendations

    Hey man, what were your results? Considering pulling the trigger but your issues are holding me back.
  20. Element Fire Extinguisher location and mounting.

    Hey Vap, did this just use in place nutplates or did this require drilling/nut certing?