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  1. Cracked Windshield Club

    I went 18 months of daily driving before getting a chip in my windshield. I was expecting it to happen MUCH sooner. Mine can be fixed without replacing it I think. The rock that hit it, I saw it coming, and I actually flinched! Im surprised it didnt do more damage.
  2. Tail light cracks in housing on 2018 JLU's?

    I actually logged in today to look for this specific issue. I have cracks in the exact locations on both tail light housings. I have the standard lights, NOT the LED's. Ill be asking my dealer to replace them at my next oil change visit. Its really the only issue I have had in almost 2 years now.
  3. The clutch gang!

    I had to place an order to get the manual trans on my JLUR, but I didn't want it any other way. I have always preferred manual transmissions. Of the 15 vehicles I have owned, all but 4 were manuals. All 4 of those were full size pickups where it wast available when buying a new one or I was...
  4. Color Regret?

    I got a billet silver with the black hard top and plastic fenders, no regrets here.
  5. Check in here if your steering is good. Tight, No wander, No Wobble

    The first 500 miles felt a bit strange, but I think it was me just getting used to it as it is my first Jeep Wrangler. I seemed to wander a little compared to the full size pickups I've been driving for the last 25 years. Now, I don't have any issues with the steering and behaves predictably to me.
  6. So what's it like living with the JL? (Especially folks who switched from a full sized truck)

    Last month I made the switch from a 2010 Ram 1500 quad cab, 4x4 with the 5.7L Hemi to a 2019 JLUR, 3.6 with 6 speed. I still have the truck, it has a lifetime powertrain warranty, and pulls our 30' travel trailer. It also still gets used for picking up large items and such. It was worth more to...
  7. Little things you discovered on your JL

    I had the same issue on a front facing car seat. I had to use the tether on my child seat between the headrest and the seat top and clipping it to the back of the seat, my 3 other vehicles did not need this as I was able to use the buckle to the D loops where the seat back and bottom meet, and...
  8. what are you using to clean the windows?

    Stoners invisible glass works great for me.
  9. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello all, new member and a new jeep. Picked up my first wrangler last week, JLUR billet silver with black top / fenders. I have been driving full size pickups for 25 years as daily drivers, its a big change for me and a welcome one at that. Kept my truck for towing, but intend on daily driving...