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  1. Poll: Sunshades, what one is best and why?

    I chose the Alien Sunshade. Not sure if it is the "best" but it was less expensive than most, doesn't require the windshield to be down to put on or remove and can stay on once installed without interfering with the Freedom tops.
  2. That First Wash

    I use a lot of Chemical Guys stuff, including the foam cannon. Can't say it works as well for me as the videos show but I still like it and use their stuff every time I wash. Can't go wrong with their products as far as I'm concerned. Definitely invest in a decent gas pressure washer. The...
  3. RC 2.5 lift installed on JLUR

    Here's my Rubi with the RC 2.5" lift and 35's.
  4. Serpentine belt split in two

    Not sure. Didn't even bother asking. Dealership I bought it from is over an hour away and I'm not a big fan of the local dealership. Belt only cost me $45 so it's not that big of an issue.
  5. Serpentine belt split in two

    I had a lift installed at around 7,200 miles and while the techs had the Jeep up on the hoist they noticed something was up with the serpentine belt. Somehow it was split in two! No idea when it actually happened or how but the JLUR drove just fine how it was. I just got around to replacing the...
  6. Door Wont open correctly

    I've pretty well beat the hell out of my JLUR off-road and haven't had a single issue. Then again I haven't had any of the issues that people are reporting. I guess I just got lucky
  7. Tridgerat's Garage

    Tridgerat's Garage

  8. 255 width too much for a 7.5" wheel?

    315/70R17 on stock Rubi wheels
  9. Will 35s fit in the back of a jlur

    Easily. I put all 5 of my 33's back there and had tons of room left.
  10. What make/year/model vehicle did you trade in for your JL?

    2013 Ford Taurus Limited and a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500hd. Got 15,500 for both which was fine with me. Especially considering that I got the JLUR for 42 and some change.
  11. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    2.5" Rough Country suspension lift with 35" General Grabber ATx's
  12. JLU Rubicon Average MPG?

    I was getting 19 with the stock 33's. Down to 16 or 17 since adding the 35's.
  13. Oversized Spare tire solutions

    I just put on 315/70R17's yesterday and I squeezed it on the stock carrier with the stock wheels. It bends the light back but it actually fits fine and isn't noticeably out of place.
  14. 1700 mile oil change

    Hell, I'm at 7,200 miles and haven't had a change yet. I'll wait until the counter tells me I'm due.
  15. Factory installed headliner

    I got the Hothead Headliner aftermarket and have had zero problems with it. It does use 3M tape stuff to hold the panels on as opposed to velcro so it's not exactly removable but it also doesn't budge.
  16. Wonderful downhill shifting behavior with 8 speed auto

    I love it. I use cruise control a lot and it maintains speed damn near perfectly through all the hills around here. My old car would drastically speed up going down hill when the cruise was on before the transmission would shift and slow it down. My JL hardly gains a single MPH. It's definitely...
  17. ExtremeTerrain Giveaway: DV8 Off-Road Front Aluminum Inner Fenders [Ended]

    Definitely interested. I love my DV8 winch and bumper and will be happy to install these on my rig.