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  1. Does the JL shift knob come off?

    Hi, Jeepney... I changed the manual trans knob on my last 2DR (2003 TJ) and I still have the Hurst knob I used back then. I've already pried off the knob with a t-shirt, for which I'll post a video, but I'm wondering how Twisted Shifterz set up that knob you bought to work on the stock shifter...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hi there. That ring light looks like it matches the red of the taillights better than other similar rings I have seen. Do you have a link to the one you bought? Thanks!
  3. California FOR SALE: 2DR Hardtop w/Factory Headliner - STING GRAY - $2,500

    Did you ever sell this? Ha, I know this is a year ago...
  4. Aluminum front bumper options

    Savvy’s bumper for the JL requires frame cutting, so no thanks.
  5. New Stock Alert: KM541 KMC Wheels

    What is the weight of this wheel in 17”? It’s a pity more vendors don’t list weight specs...
  6. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    Agreed... I’m going to Plastidip my Sport S wheels black this weekend until I decide what wheels and tires I’m going to run. Picked up my JLSS (?) 6-spd last week.
  7. Georgia 2018 - 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon Suspension With Shocks, Coil Spri - $350(Rockmart, GA)

    What are the spring numbers? That’s critical information necessary to a buyer like me. Thanks.
  8. Tennessee 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon suspension - $350 (MURFREESBORO)

    Hey, man, are these still available?
  9. Colorado FS: Complete 4 door hardtop Rubicon suspension

    Hi, man. How many miles on your takeoffs and what are the spring numbers? Will be four different numbers ending in 59, 60, 61, 90, and 91. Will be four of those numbers...
  10. Colorado 2020 Rubicon Suspension

    Hi, man. How many miles on your takeoffs and what are the spring numbers? Will be four different numbers ending in 59, 60, 61, 90, and 91. Will be four of those numbers...
  11. Auxiliary (AUX) Switches Configuration/Installation DIY

    How are you feeling about Ford, now?
  12. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    I bought a magnet mount to keep my pistol off of my right leg but I didn’t like how it was going to sit and I didn’t like that I would not immediately get purchase on the grip. I’d also like to keep it holstered. It seems like those of you who have it mounted with a magnet against the console...
  13. USB to power accessories

    I’m working on finding a solution...
  14. Adding additional USB C?

    Hi, all. Any update on this? I would likewise like to run a CarPlay USB input to the upper dash tray area, instead of using the wireless CarPlay 2 Air module like other posters have done. Maybe powering the USB inputs will work?
  15. USB to power accessories

    Hey, man, this is a nice mod. Where did you plug in the USB end of your lightning cable? Is it plugged into the media port on the front of the dash, or did you plug it in somewhere INSIDE the dash, behind the media port? Thanks.
  16. USB in dash pocket.

    Thanks a lot, Will_Jeep. I contacted him with some questions.
  17. Any Sport/S owners remove those bumper to fender air dams?

    All it takes is a razor knife, 7mm socket wrench, a kitchen table, and MAYBE an hour to trim both sides and refasten. C'mon, guys...
  18. Looking for pictures of 2 specific jeeps before making my decision

    This is a confusing last set of posts...! :headbang: Is that white Rubi in the photos above the one with 37's or is that Notorious' Jeep on 35's? :CWL:
  19. USB in dash pocket.

    Great write up and tips! I'm going to do this same thing, but I want to install this combo 12V/Dual USB, assuming there's room. I think if there is space for one of these sockets, there should be room for two, and I like the clean trim plate. I'll probably replace the 12v socket with...