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  1. Potential New owner question on Wrangler highway ability.

    My 2021 2 door Rubicon is very civilized on the hwy, even more so than the 2 door 2020 Sport I traded in. I think any modern Jeep should be just fine, especially the longer wheel base 4 doors. Also, since highway is important to you, the 4 banger turbo with auto tranny was easier to pass at...
  2. Tan Top for JLs

  3. Tan Top for JLs

    I had no idea you could order that top. I'll reach out to Mopar Direct today!
  4. Tan Top for JLs

    Does anyone besides me wish Bestop or another reputable company would make a tan soft top for the JL? I have a Sarge Green Rubi and I think a tan top would be the cat's pajamas.
  5. Anybody sound deaden the floor/wheelwell/doors and beef up weather stripping?

    Found this thread while searching around on how to use Dynamat. I just wanted to say that I recently swapped my JLS for a JLR , both hardtops, and the Rubi is significantly quieter on the interstate. I did add the headliner pieces to the Rubi but it seems hard to believe this would account for...
  6. Borla Climber Touring Catback Exhaust - Sounds Clips

    Wish they had the climber for the 2 door :( .
  7. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    Pro bimbo here, so apparently I made a good choice aligning with the Jeep crowd.
  8. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    When I had my 2 door sport I was asked why I didn't get a Rubicon. Now that I have a 2 door Rubi I've been asked why I didn't get the 4 door or a Gladiator. I live in town and I prefer the super tight turning radius and AMAZING visibility I get with the 2 door. I leave the back seat out and the...
  9. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Can I brag on Gupton Motors in Springhill Tn and my amazing sales associate Walter Lee? I've bought more cars than I care to admit but this was the best transaction I've ever had. I ordered the Jeep back in early March and picked it up last night. This beautiful Rubicon, with a manual...
  10. Best Hi-tuck exhaust w no drone

    Chubrocker, is your Jeep a 3.6? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on this or the Savvy and I want to be sure I have no drone. Thanks!