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  1. King Coilovers vs Bypass Shocks

    Cool, thanks! Looks great, let us know how it goes offroad and of course some flex pics! Which fender liners are those? Did you have to modify them?
  2. King Coilovers vs Bypass Shocks

    @installer88 Would love to see pics of your rig with the Accutune setup, how did it ride offroad?
  3. Big Bear offroading

    I just did Gold Mountain and Little John Bull a couple weekends ago, we had mild to wild builds in our group. The most built up JL on 40's slashed a sidewall on sharp tree stump sticking out, we had to stop for a tire change. One gal was running a JL Diesel Sport, mild lift 35's but no...
  4. Gold Mountain Big Bear CA

    Has been a few years since we've done this trail and it's gotten a little bit more challenging, with the new gate keeper and obstacles being more rutted out, made for a very fun day! Last part is of Little John Bull.
  5. Evo Mfg extreme coil spring bow

    I did the same with my 3.5 EVO Enforcer lift, Rancho spring isolators fixed the bowed spring issue for me too. I had heard EVO was now including the spring isolators with their lift kits, guess not.
  6. Lift kits: What is everyone running? How do you like it? (2.5"-3.5")

    3.5 Evo Enforcer Stage 3+ with Rancho 9000xl shocks. I ran the same setup on my old JK and it worked so good without being too expensive, I went the same route with my JL. Here's a video from last weekend putting it through it's paces!
  7. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    3.5 Evo Enforcer stage 3+, Rancho 9000xl shocks, 37" Cooper Stt Pro's on Method Roost wheels
  8. Stubby Bumper. Let's see them.

    Evo Quarter Pounder, fits nice and tight.
  9. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Love my Billet silver! Hides trail pinstriping surprisingly well!
  10. Icon weld on sliders

    Well I got a chance to bang these on some rocks and they are holding up well!
  11. Icon weld on sliders

    I had the same thought, I ordered this touch up paint, i'm hoping it matches the powder coat finish of the sliders. I've had weld on sliders before on my JK and used to touch them up with bed liner spray, just need to be careful to cover the...
  12. Introducing ICON Impact Bumpers & Armor For JL!

    Install should be around 2-3hrs of labor, so around $300-$400. I should have shopped around, the shop I went to overcharged me, but they did do a good job, welds look great.
  13. Icon weld on sliders

    Just had these installed, they are pure beef and look great in my opinion! Will update post once I get a chance to test them out on some rocks!
  14. Introducing ICON Impact Bumpers & Armor For JL!

    Just had the weld on sliders installed, they are beefy and look awesome!
  15. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Picked up my Jeep from the dealer this weekend, TSB completed! I confirmed the black cast iron steering box was installed, and they performed an alignment. My initial impressions are minor improvements. Less wandering, better steering feel, still some steering play but less than before. All...
  16. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Dropped off my Jeep on 4/3 and was told they would need to perform a diagnostic check and would charge me $169 if no issue was found but fee would be waived if tech authorized TSB install after diagnostic. I have a 3.5 EVO lift with 37's, but I explained the steering issues were there before...
  17. New EVO 3032 JL / JLU Hinge Tire Carrier install Review with Pics

    I have this EVO tire carrier and I'm looking for a way to relocate my license plate to the spare tire. I bought the Rough Country license plate relocation bracket but it doesn't fit with the EVO 3rd light bracket. Is there a product that combines 3rd brake light, license plate light, and camera?
  18. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Not bad for an aggressive tire, about the same as Nitto Trail Graplers but louder than BFG KO2's AT's.