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  1. Squadbox Install

    I installed mine about two months ago. I agree this product has great build quality but the instructions were abysmal! One thing I will note is that if you have the rear gap cover with mopar mats I do not think they will fit with out modification. I ended up taking my off, Im not sure if Ill...
  2. Oklahoma Rear Gap Cover with Mopar Cargo Mat $125

    Selling my rear gap cover with Mopar Cargo mat, please note this does not include the upper seat mats. Local only for now. OKC area.
  3. Oklahoma GPCA Cargo cover $75

    Selling my GPCA Cargo cover because I got a hard cover. I had some loops added to the cover so I could better secure it at the back which was really my only complaint. Will ship at the buyers expense.
  4. Backseat Gun Rack options

    Not that I have any guns either but my buddy has something similar to this that he likes.
  5. Rear storage option for JLU

    With your top and doors off you can use the key fob to lock the back gate securing everything.
  6. Carolina metal masters ball mount knockoff/copy???

    I too had a bad experience. After several emails and calls I had to threaten to dispute my charge with my credit card company to get any response. They make awesome products, I love my doors off mirrors but perhaps they need some help in the front office.
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    These from Oracle as well:
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    New Oracle headlights and upgraded the DRL and turn signals to LED. Wired the halo lights along with the winch light to the AUX button.
  9. Weathertech vs. Mopar rear cargo matts

    I have weathertech for front and back floor mats and the mopar back rear mat system. I like the coverage on the back of the seats but it is annoying that the mopar cargo mat doesn't cover the sides. Its also annoying that if you have cargo on top of the mat in the back and put the seats down the...
  10. Mopar AUX Switch Install Help needed

    Did you double check that all the pins are seated properly in the connectors? This part of the process seemed like the most susceptible to errors.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It’s gettin hot, installed my alien sunshade!
  12. Grab handles?

  13. What cab cover are you running?

    I went to pull the trigger on the Quadratec version and it is sold out until July....guess Ill go the Smittybilt!
  14. What cab cover are you running?

    That would be pretty impressive, you'll have to let us know if you do this!
  15. What cab cover are you running?

    Thanks for the link to the thread, I did a search before starting a this thread and missed that!
  16. Dead Pedal???

    I also have the Seven Sparta and like it! I dont care what you read this install is a bitch if you are not small.
  17. What cab cover are you running?

    How fast can you get that soft top up? Im not going to buy a soft top but I suppose that is one good thing about them...they go with you.
  18. What cab cover are you running?

    Heard good things from JK owners?