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  1. Customize Entire Dash Panels using Decals

    I would be very cautious about putting a large chunk of plastic in front of an airbag. Look up Takata Airbag recall. They had small peace's of metal in the airbag that would dislodge and kill people. Paint and stickers may not pose a threat, but a large plastic face over an airbag seems like...
  2. Customize Entire Dash Panels using Decals

    I painted and did a full custom decal on my dash and made a video. Maybe this would help. I also agree that a thin decal and a layer of paint wont pose any difficulty to the air bag considering the Sahara needs to bust through LEATHER.
  3. Recommendation for long distance seat comfort mod?

    My wife and I want to take the Jeep cross country, but im a bit concerned about comfort. I have a Sport S with the fabric seats and those seats are only good for a few hours before I start to get uncomfortable. Also the back seats are just horrible for long distance. Anyone have any solutions...
  4. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    Thanks for the update. I just did a video on scratch removal using compound and polish and in it I used the new Turtlewax Hybrid Polish with ceramic coating. Right now the Jeep does not need polishing over-all, but i really want to try this stuff on the wifes car. From the little I used to...
  5. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    Thanks for the tips and I will try your technique in the future, but was this last part really necessary?
  6. Best way to repair scratches?

    Wow. Just got done making a video on this very subject.
  7. DIY: Sound Deadening/ Weather Stripping JL, JLU and Gladiator Front Doors

    Its a good idea. I was thinking of doing this very thing too my freedome panels. I seem to get a lot of wind noise from that.
  8. Improving stock Audio

    The biggest problem you will run into is that the JL does NOT have standard size speakers or mounting patterns. Almost any "standard" car speaker will need modifications or adapters. Its very frustrating.
  9. Video of how NOT to paint your interior dash panels!

    I know this is a rather common mod, but if anyone is interested in how its done and the possible pitfalls, this video may help you out a lot. It may also give you some idea's on how to take it too the next step using cut vinyl and decals! Would love to hear feedback!
  10. Quake LED Taillight (QTE1026) for JL Wrangler...Start Up Animation... Sequential Turn Signal...Plug'n'Play...No Dash Errors!

    Goes without saying, that you get what you pay for. Way to keep it classy Quake LED. I like how you handled it.
  11. Quake LED Taillight (QTE1026) for JL Wrangler...Start Up Animation... Sequential Turn Signal...Plug'n'Play...No Dash Errors!

    New drinking game. Every time he says "alright guys" take a shot. Try not to get liver damage..
  12. Hikari Ultra LED H13 headlight install and review.

    I did an install video on just how easy it is to install LED's into the JL's with the stock halogen headlights. These Hikari's have a great beam pattern and a great price point. Check out the video here. Left side is the original Halogen, and right is the Hikari Ultra's. Nice cut-off...
  13. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    Yes it is. The paint used on the fiberglass is the same as the body. The ceramic coating only effects the top layer of clear coat and it will work just fine.
  14. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    I used it on my plastic fender just fine, and my rubber hood stops. It didnt last long on the rubber, but I would say its safe for vinyl. I will be able to check soon as im going to apply some vinyl to my Jeep and I will test with the spray.
  15. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    Looks really nice! Also, good choice in color. Best color option for sure. =) Im a bit bias though.
  16. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    Great writeup! I think I need to buy a buffing machine to really take things to the next level on my coat. I have a bit of swirls in my paint and the only way to really take them down is to use a buffer.
  17. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    Very good. Its like Teflon for your paint. With a proper coating, the bugs should just wash right off if they stick at all. If you watch the end of my video, a bird dropped a turd on my hood, and it beaded up like water and rain washed it away.
  18. Ceramic coat your own JL for $50.

    One thing I forgot to say in the video is if you drop your clay bar, toss it out. Dont risk dragging an embedded rock across your paint. Not worth it. Also check your clay often, so you dont make extra swirl marks. Would love to see the results of the Wolfgang Ceramic spray!