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  1. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    Got my 37s (c) installed this week. Came in at 35.5” mounted with all my extra weight and 35 psi. Really happy with these. The additional sidewall makes for a more comfy ride IMO.
  2. Tailgate Panel - Green Retaining Clips

    Just ordered a few of these after destroying a couple putting on a tire carrier. Anyone actually receive these from the link? All good?
  3. 8 Hole Wheels

    @jb2980 and @Blendo im assuming they don’t since these aren’t hub centric but do the mopar center caps fit instead of the pro comp plastic caps? I used to have the 7069 on my 2015 2 door JK and loved them minus the faded caps, and I’m considering these vs the Quadratec Baja extreme II wheels...
  4. 2.5" AEV vs. Metalcloak

    7/10 from me. The quality of the parts that are there are great and I'm happy with the end result but I think this lift demands a new front track bar at a minimum, front and rear for perfectionists to recenter the axles. I also had fitment issues with the rear track bar tower that required...
  5. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    @gbr are those the procomp 7069s? If so what caps are you using there? Also any chance you have profile shots for your backspacing here? I had 7069s on my JK and want to put them on our rubicon but I'm wondering the wider axle how that will look. We did the AEV 2.5 lift and of course the 33s...
  6. EV / PHEV JL Wrangler Rubicon will go 0-60 in 6 seconds says Jeep President

    Definitely an exciting future ahead for EV 4x4 vehicles to be sure.
  7. 2.5" AEV vs. Metalcloak

    For curious minds I went with the following: AEV 2.5" dualsport Metalcloak front and rear adjustable track bars Teraflex Falcon EF 2.2 Steering Stablizer Here's some thoughts I have on everything AEV lift Fitment: 6/10 My axles were indeed off center after the lift. Front more so than the...
  8. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    How are you liking them now a year later? I've really been wanting to order front and rear and also have the OEM LED package, I assume you used the Tazer to fix the flickering? I've read some other folks have complaints about the turn signals being hard to other drivers to see at that angle...
  9. 2.5" AEV vs. Metalcloak

    That would be cool to get a Hollister trip together or something for those of us in the bay and maybe a regular meetup. I’ve been looking for one since relocating from Oregon!
  10. 2.5" AEV vs. Metalcloak

    Thanks for the offer I may take you up on that!
  11. 2.5" AEV vs. Metalcloak

    Ahhh good call out, I assume the rear track bar should be fine in the AEV tower bracket.
  12. 2.5" AEV vs. Metalcloak

    Hmmm thanks all, I'm thinking I'm going to go with the AEV Dualsport and add front and rear metalocloak adjustable track bars. That seems like it'll be the winning combo.
  13. 2.5" AEV vs. Metalcloak

    Oh that’s good to know, so I’d likely be fine if I paired them with the AEV Bilsteins, hmmmmmmm. That’s an idea.
  14. 2.5" AEV vs. Metalcloak

    Hey all, After a few mods weighing down the the stock suspension on our JLUR we are ready to install a 2.5" lift and have narrowed it down to the AEV dual sport or the Metalcloak GC. I'll be doing the install myself in garage. We've have great experience with products from both companies...
  15. Giveaway of the Month - December 2019 - 2.5" or 3.5" Game-Changer Suspension, RockSport Edition

    We love our MC sliders and the 2.5 GC has been on our list for a long time! What better Christmas gift to get our belly off the rocks? :LOL:
  16. California Selling 4 Door Rubicon Rock Rails

    Bump, still available.
  17. California Selling 4 Door Rubicon Rock Rails

    They are, what dates are you thinking? I’m currently traveling for Thanksgiving and will be traveling for part of the Christmas holiday.