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  1. Aftermarket Soft Top Options

    Haven’t seen one.
  2. Delaware 2019 4 Door Rubicon parts for sale

    Ok will let you know Thanks QUOTE="WheezysJL, post: 805130, member: 33648"]$250.00. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Delaware 2019 4 Door Rubicon parts for sale

    How much you looking to sell the American labs lights for. I'm up in Carroll county Thanks Kevin
  4. AEV Turnkey ETA Update

    America most wanted 4x4 also has a kit that they sell
  5. New Jersey Like new K&N AirCharger 63 intake for JL $200 shipped

    Interested can you PM Thanks kevin
  6. Pennsylvania 37x12.5x17 Patagonia MT

    Ok sounds good thanks
  7. Pennsylvania 37x12.5x17 Patagonia MT

    How did you like them? Did they balance good ? You going different tire? Thanks kevin

    PM Sent
  9. 37" Tire Poll

    Pro comp mt2 is what I run and they have 40,000 mile tread warranty. I have wheelied them many of times and love them
  10. Aftermarket Soft Top Options makes soft tops for the JL
  11. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    I can ask him it’s at the shop Joes Jeep jungle in Eldersburg. Ask for Joe
  12. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    My buddy has a set in Eldersburg
  13. Quake LED plug and play retrofit JL LED Headlight and Fog Lights

    Got my lights in yesterday all in all took about 30 mins for all 4 lights. Rob great product @RRRENEGADE
  14. Red Rock 4x4 Reinforcement plate

    Thanks I may have to look into this way cheaper option
  15. Smittybilt X2O Install

    The bracket that mounts the control box for the winch is held on with like a Retension style Allen’s and pressure from the rope. That is what I mean crappy design
  16. Red Rock 4x4 Reinforcement plate

    Did you have to space the relocation bracket on the left side since the red rock bracket doesn’t go all the way across ?