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  1. Why air lockers?

    Air Lockers have a significant edge on the factory electric lockers. The largest difference is engagement speed. The factory locker, as with most electric lockers, has about a 6lb engagement. This is why you must be going very slow to engage them. Faster engagement will damage them. An Air...
  2. To locker or not to locker?

    To correct some bad info.... If you do a bit of checking you'll find that the DANA part numbers for JL and JK 30 4.56 gears are the same part number. The 3.45 gears are unique to the JL but the other ratios are the same. Even the old school LP 44 used up front has a stronger ring gear than a...
  3. Rubicon 4x4 & lockers: how do they work?

    FYI- The regular Wrangler t-case is 2.72-1 reduction.
  4. Dana M210 front axle understanding

    The U.S. diesel Wrangler, as stated before, is supplied with an m210 front axle. It was released in late 2019 so I suppose it's POSSIBLE that a 2019 has a diesel. Not probable, but possible. I have a friend that bought a new Ford escape that was labeled and VIN'd as AWD but was a 2 WD...
  5. Anyone added a rear locker to their Willys?

    ARB makes Air Lockers for the M186 (30), m200 and m220. They are much easier to unlock than a Rubi locker (or Eaton) and you you can engage at any speed.
  6. Sport S axle upgrade

    Get a front axle out of a Gladiator that is not Max Tow. All Gladiators have 44 fronts.
  7. Shredded Gears or broken Axle Shaft

    You'll want to find out what is wrong ASAP. If it's an axle shafts, all the junk from the shaft is going through your diff and bearings. It can easily require you to do a gear swap due to the debris. With a gear failure the collateral damage isn't usually as bad however I have seen diffs lock...
  8. Anyone Replace OEM Rubicon E-Lockers for ARB Air Lockers?

    I see you seem to have remedied the issue but I'll answer your originally question. There is no direct ARB replacement for a Rubicon but it can be done. Since the factory electric locker has an offset center pin, it uses odd length axle shafts. There are a couple of ways to install an Air...
  9. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    Can we assume this is connected to the main battery?
  10. Differential Cover, Which one is better?

    Most of the nodular iron covers are pretty decent but I prefer the ARB due to the dipstick. What I would NEVER run is anything aluminum. Far too prone to fracture up front if you really use them. I loved the look of my Dana covers but the front cover DANA plate looked bad after 6 months. It...
  11. Replacing current LSD with Air Lockers

    Yes, the RD245 Air Locker is a direct replacement for an m220 factory diff (LSD or open).
  12. What rear end and front end does our Jeep have?

    The front will be a m186 (D30). It the rear drain plug is directly at the bottom of the the housing (pointing down) it's the m200. The m220 rear has the drain on the driver side front of the housing pointing left <-.
  13. Yukon Helical LSD + RCV Solid axle

    Generally a helical gear unit up front will be invisible until torque is applied. I found them ok even on icy roads. It was fine.
  14. Noob to Lockers, so...Question

    Sorry but I disagree here. Use your lockers like you would use your 4WD. Be in 4WD before you NEED 4WD and be locked before you NEED to be locked. In both cases switching after being on or in the obstacle may or may not get you through. As an example, if you drove into a mud hole without a...
  15. Quad ARB Air Compressor System

    I've had blown fuses due to a bad connection at the battery. The connection to the battery was good but the connection from the battery to the cable was bad. Low voltage batteries will also cause a spike in amperage which can blow a fuse. This is much more common now due to alternator...
  16. Experience With ARB Rock Sliders?

    No experience with the ARB rock sliders but I had a very similar design on my JK and loved them. They keep rocks away from the side and didn't hurt my underside clearance. I checked pricing on the ARB parts and was a bit surprised the price was pretty reasonable. I do have a bit of experience...
  17. Locker?

    The JL/JT Rubicon lockers, front or rear, will bolt into any m220 housing. The difference is axle shafts. There is no narrow track shaft that will work with will work with the factory lockers. Even if the axles were the right length, Rubicons and JTs all have set 80 wheel bearings instead of...
  18. Locker Options for Sport

    FWIW, factory clutch driven LSDs are only marginally useful off road. The main reason is the built in bias ratio. A good gear driven LSD like a Truetrac has about a 3-1 ratio. Factory LSDs, even a gear driven unit, are usually not over 2-1. Decades ago when lockers weren't nearly as common...
  19. 392 D44 axles, where's the beef

    Just all wheel drive
  20. What axles do I have? 2020 Wrangler Willys with the 3.0 Diesel

    Yes. Use a good friction modifier. All clutch driven LSDs requires it.