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  1. Colorado For Sale Premium Black Sunrider Soft Top (Factory Option) JLU $950

    It is still available and yes for four door.
  2. Colorado For Sale Premium Black Sunrider Soft Top (Factory Option) JLU $950

    Just lowered the price if anyone is looking for a great christmas present.
  3. Colorado For Sale Premium Black Sunrider Soft Top (Factory Option) JLU $950

    Sadly I’m selling my wrangler, sine I don’t fit. I’m selling my factory premium black sunrider softop. I ran the top for one summer and this last summer I ran with my hard top. Since then it has been sitting on my garage rack untouched. Looks and functions like new. Local only. Castle...
  4. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Okay so I’ve been working with the OP on how to get this thing to work. Back and forth, downloading different versions of firmware. Nothing seemed to work. I finally downlloaded the latest version of firmware from 7.16. When I hooked it up, still nothing. Then I tried updating it via the...
  5. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Here is the video I took and sent to support so they could watch my process. It’s fairly long.
  6. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    This seems awesome and really simple! The only thing I’m wondering about, are you worried about the structural integrity of the seat now? What happened with the front mounts? Did they end up bending as the seat tilted back? If so, is this bend okay? I know for day to day use it will be...
  7. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    The newest one they have. They had me download firmware via USB to load onto the device directly instead of over the web.
  8. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Mine doesn’t work. Freezes on the connecting screen even though it is connected. 2019 jlur uconnect 8.4. So yeah this company is a fraud. They should advertise as being from China and not the US.
  9. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    I worked with my bank this morning and they credited me for the charge. Kudos to them! The manufacturer refused to pay for shipping or ship a new device. At this point even if the device does work for some, I highly recommend not working with this company. It’s really disappointing to buy...
  10. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Yep exactly! I wrote them back and let them know this isn’t acceptable. Depending on how they respond I might need to go through my CC company, but it’s been a long time I’m not sure how that will go. At the end of the day I’m very disappointed. All the reviews online and YouTube really show...
  11. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Just heard back from carplay2air. We’ve been going back daily trying to update the unit to work properly. They said today I should return the unit, I’ll pay for shipping, if they find nothing is wrong with it, they’ll charge me a restocking fee. I wrote back and let them know I want the...
  12. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    So I got mine yesterday and I can’t get it to work to save my life. I’ve paired it following the instructions, rebooted my phone, but every time I turn my Jeep on it goes to the normal screens, then the connecting screen and stays there until I’m done with my drive. When I hit cancel Siri comes...
  13. Whining/Howling sound that cycles up with acceleration and down w/ deceleration. 2.0 Issue?

    Why I never read this I have no clue. Do you know which vacuum hose it was and where?
  14. Whining/Howling sound that cycles up with acceleration and down w/ deceleration. 2.0 Issue?

    Now that It’s warmer out, mine is doing the same thing. AC off, driving for a bit, slowing down below 20 mph the sound starts to die down, above 20 mph fan blows at full force. Doesn’t make sense to me.
  15. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    Does anyone know who designs seat brackets for the JK or even who designed the JL’s? I doubt Jeep designed the brackets and if there is a company we could reach out to and work with for a solution that might be our best option. I would pay a bit of money to have this done.
  16. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    The problem for a lot of us isn’t the legroom the big boys give, it’s the lack of headroom to the roll bar. The majority of us are either touching or way to close to the bar to be safe. I’m worried about being killed if I am re-ended. I love my Jeep but I need a solution to lower this seat...
  17. If there was one thing you could change about your JL...

    Allow the seat to go lower by about 2-3” and another inch of back travel on the rails. I’ll throw in for the 5.7 hemi as well.
  18. Aftermarket seats or headrests that create more headroom / stop head from hitting crossbar?

    So after looking at the videos I took and the mechanism that raises and lowers the seat here is what I’ve come up with. 1) you could probably fab a seat bracket that would easily give three+ inches of height. 2) An aftermarket seat might give more headroom as well. 3) There is roughly...