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  1. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am also going to ask them if the steering box can be adjusted.
  2. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    When adjusting the steering box did you turn the lash screw clockwise or counter-clockwise?
  3. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    Just picked up my 2020 Jeep JL from the dealership after having the TSB done. Made zero difference. I can still drive down the highway and move the steering wheel left/right 2-3 inches without the wheels turning and constantly having to correct the steering. I verified they installed the new...
  4. Redbird October 24-29

    Can these trails be done with a stock JL Willys?
  5. Illinois WTT New Soft Top for Hard Top

    Not sure if it’s the standard or premium. No tint on the windows. It’s 2 weeks old like new.
  6. Illinois Sold: WTT New Soft Top for Hard Top

    I have a 2020 Jeep JL 2 door with soft top looking to trade for a hardtop. PM me.