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  1. Nosey neighbor..

    I don't mind when people ask me how much I make, how much I paid for my house, how much my vehicles cost, etc... Sharing salary/pricing information is a good way to let people know if they're being underpaid/being taken advantage of. The only people you're helping by not sharing this kind of...
  2. Speedometer off on 2018 JLUR

    Bad wheel speed sensor maybe?
  3. What were they thinking?

    I actually like my JL a lot! My only real complaints are: The 5" base radio is absolute garbage. I know I shouldn't expect much out of my Sport seeing as it's the absolute base model, but it really is worse than it needs to be. I wish some third party company would come out with an affordable...
  4. 6 speed rattle/noise at 3k RPMs

    Yeah, mine hasn't done it in a while so I'm not too worried about it. I think you're right that it's something inside the dash, or at the very least I don't think it's something related to the engine. If it starts making the noise again I'll take it to the dealership but for now I'm not worried.
  5. 6 speed rattle/noise at 3k RPMs

    Nope, stock 3.6l exhaust!
  6. 6 speed rattle/noise at 3k RPMs

    Just checked, and the pedals still feel solid. Looks like I just need to take it to the dealer (again). This is like the 5th or 6th issue it’s had, starting to get tired of it. Thanks for the suggestion, wish it were that simple!
  7. 6 speed rattle/noise at 3k RPMs

    Hey all, just started noticing a noise coming from the transmission/pedal area in my 6 speed JL. It seems to happen on flat ground or inclines, so load doesn’t seem to matter. It’s always around 3k RPMs and I only notice it in 2nd or 3rd gear (might happen in the higher gears but wind noise is...
  8. Fob doesn't work below freezing?

    Or... you could just not leave your fob in the freezing cold overnight and not have any issues. Batteries are nowhere near new technology, I don't get how you can live 60+ years without knowing that batteries drain faster in the cold lol
  9. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    I'm a guy and I love my Bikini JL, I don't see why it can't be a "manly" color. We can like vibrant cars as well! Only other color I would go for is Sting Grey.
  10. Are there any aftermarket 2 door hardtops?

    All of my Jeeps (YJ, TJ, JL) have had soft tops and I love them, never have an issue with them in winter and they're super convenient in the summer. I just wish there was an aftermarket hard top option for the 2 door already, it would make loading stuff into the back quicker/easier in the winter...
  11. Are there any aftermarket 2 door hardtops?

    I've only seen a couple in the last few months and they're still ~$2k. Used prices are crazy. I'm also really interested in any 2 door hard top aftermarket options. I guess if I have to I'll spend the crazy money on a new Mopar hard top but I hope someone comes out with a cheaper alternative...
  12. C'mon Bestop give the JL some Love (#1 on my list)

    I have a set of besttop soft doors for my 2 door and mine look nothing like that. They leak a little bit if I don't align the upper properly but you can 100% get them to seal if you take a couple seconds to adjust them. I'm also a little confused about your noise comment - What did you expect...
  13. Jeep Should be Ashamed...

    I'll be irritated if they kill off the 5 inch head unit only a year or two after I got my Jeep. It'll be a win for everyone who buys a Wrangler then, but man it's a little off putting that for $30k they couldn't even put in a halfway decent head unit. I understand I don't have much room to talk...

    You're probably looking at a 2021 Willy's Sport. The Sport models without the Tech package get that center cluster with the smaller display. Edit: Actually, I'm not sure why you're seeing that cluster on the 2021. Looks like the Willy's Sport comes standard with the tech package. Hmm, wonder...
  15. Well....I traded my JL in 2019, but now I miss it...

    Get a Gladiator and budget for a small lift + 35's right after getting it home! I think they look weird stock but with some bigger tires they're pretty cool looking. If I were to ever need more space than my 2 door has I would probably skip the 4 door Wrangler and go straight to the Gladiator
  16. Are there any two door fastback hardtops?

    Does anyone know if anyone is making a fastback hardtop for the two door? DV8 mentioned they might be working on one but I haven't seen any updates on that in a while! I have a soft top right now but I'm trying to find a hardtop for the colder months, doesn't seem like there's much for the 2...

    Oh yup, that's the color I was talking about it (Dodge calls it Destroyer Grey, never knew Jeep didn't use that name). It's way brighter on the build tool then in real life! Well at least they still have one good color :)

    Did they get rid of destroyer grey as a color option?! That's the only other color I like besides Bikini Pearl (my JL is finished in Bikini). 2021 colors kinda suck