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  1. Negotiations with Internet Sales Rep: New JL SPORT S

    Everything is negotiable, just keep shopping and you will find one that wants to dance.
  2. Biggest adjustment when going to a Wrangler?

    Went from an Acadia to the JLU. The biggest thing I miss is all the room the Acadia had for "stuff". If only they made that JLU 10"or 12" longer. The gauges are definitely in your face more, but I can hardly wait for the big snow to come. Had a JGC in previous Chicago snow storms--it was a...
  3. Anyone Else Have Their Rear Bumper Light Melt?

    Just makes you wonder about these 50k+ vehicles and the quality control that goes into making them.
  4. Who's got the most miles so far?

    Thanks for your service---looks good--welcome aboard!!
  5. Wranglers a lot like Harleys

    Like the way you think!!
  6. Can't decide ... Sahara or Rubicon??

    I was in the same boat. I wavered for weeks. I will never rock climb and will just do some mild trails at best. I test drove both, kept going back and forth. Really couldn't tell the difference in the ride but went with the Sahara because the Rubi had a bunch of stuff that I will never use...
  7. Order Cancelled - Waiting Things Out

    It is your money and YOU buy what you want!!!!! Before I bought, I test drove and told the salesman I wanted MY MECHANIC to look at the welds, he said sure. ( I know nothing about welds) My guy put it up in the air, looked at everything and said it was good!
  8. JL welding Issues

    And it should be done YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! 50 Grand for this????? Sounds terrible!!!
  9. Possible deal. Is this it? Good deal? Bad deal? Am I rushing? Need feedback!

    He's right, they should have disclosed the different prior yes right away---I'd walk.
  10. 5500 miles and needs new fuel pump.

    For what we pay for these---UNBELEIVABLE
  11. 8.4" Touchscreen wear!!!! WTF?

    Jeep SHOULD COVER that----please keep us all informed here
  12. N-Fab nurf bars don’t fit

    Take care of this Quadratec---we are all waiting to hear from her
  13. Track bar sheared off at the weld. I feel like I’m cursed with my new JL

    Please keep us informed-----they should just do the right thing and give you a new one.
  14. Anyone have a TopLift Pro for JL?

    Would be interested, it does look cool. Updates PLEASE when you guys get them
  15. Would You Do it Over - Soft Top or Hard Top?

    I rode in many older wranglers that had soft tops and they were loud and leaky. I bought a JL with dual top. When I got home the hard top came off and the soft top when on. It is so good, the hardtop is NEVER going to come back on. Drove thru a driving rain storm a few weeks back---it was...
  16. Help deciding on my first Jeep.

    You will be amazed at how capable any Wrangler is--just get the one you like and the fun begins
  17. Sunrider Tops for JL?

    Thats the spirit!!