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  1. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    Still no issues. Mine was covered under warranty. Do not quote me on this, but I thought a previous thread stated a refurb was between $700 and $900 from the dealer.
  2. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    Hopefully closing this chapter on my JL, but after 3 years the radio was finally replaced. I am no longer having the half volume issues with the doors off. The radio was replaced about two weeks ago and I have not had the issue recur.
  3. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    is yours stuck at a certain volume and you cannot change it? if so, switching to AM radio and back should fix it. or does your volume knob increase the volume, but it is significantly quieter than it should be? For this one, I am still having the issue, but only with the doors off. If I...
  4. Moab regional must do list...?

    Your link did not work for me, but was able to extract from the mess:
  5. JLU Original Window Sticker
  6. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    I have seen that issue, but it not the one I am having. Hopefully the root cause of it will resolve the my issue. I can say (for me), if I don't start the Jeep, but go to ACC, wait for radio to boot and play, then start, I do not have the issue. If I start the vehicle immediately (because i...
  7. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    Good luck, I hope they find something. Right now it seems if I turn the vehicle to ACC, let the radio come on, then starts the vehicle, i don't have the issue arise. The times I forget and just start it is about 50/50 on if the issue will occur. This is with the doors off on a manual JL. (not...
  8. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    From your description, you have a 2019, correct? I was hoping it was only 2018s. Are you manual or automatic transmission?
  9. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    Leaving my vehicle at the dealer with no doors and tops is problematic due to summer rain showers.. is disconnecting the cables to the doors enough to simulate no doors? Also, a current test I am doing which has been successful for the past week is turning the jeep to accessory and letting the...
  10. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    I run with doors off 99% of the time during the warm months, so that is inline with what i see.
  11. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    Not who you asked, but yes, I have engaged my dealer and they cannot reproduce the issue or see a code so offer no guidance. Pulling the fuse returns mine to normal, but that only lasts for a few start/stop cycles. It is very frustrating.
  12. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    Bumping thread to see if anyone has similar experience or resolution with dealer.
  13. Radio Volume Output Issue (1/2 expected output)

    I have had an ongoing battle with my radio. So far, not much progress from the dealer since “there is not a code indicating an error”. While I have issues with the reverse camera randomly not coming on, or volume control not working (this is fixed by changing to AM and back to whatever I was...
  14. Radio not working

    I went Jeep Care and dealer route and with no resolution. Switching to AM will typically fix the "volume wont adjust" But I also get "everything at half volume" and "back up camera does not work" and nothing fixes that except letting the vehicle sit for a few hours off. Assuming fuse would do...
  15. What oil did my dealer put in my Jeep?

    5w20 and put in (or charged for) six quarts Check your oil level...
  16. Issues with the Trail management system

    Mine dont look like that at all. They are square vs rectangle. Being lazy, here is an ebay auction that shows the pictures of what mine look like. (not my auction, just a google result so I did not have to take a pic of mine!)
  17. Dog owners - Cargo Liner for Jeep?

    Post a pic when you install it. I am leaning towards the rail cutouts, but really want to see what it looks like.
  18. Dog owners - Cargo Liner for Jeep?

    For the Canvasback owners, did you buy the one with the cutouts for the tie downs or trail rails? Did you buy the side pieces as well?
  19. Android Auto Google Maps Calibration Issues

    Same issue. First touch is correct, all subsequent ones are off.
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    can you post a few more pics? Looking for view as it matches up to the fender flares and rear body.